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A crochet artist, Sreeja Renjith, is making kids’ toys sustainable and healthy.
Sreeja Renjith's work
Sreeja Renjith's work

Amigurumi is the buzzword for toys at Sreeja Renjith’s home. With just a hook and yarn, she can weave out fantastical worlds for kids. She can bring elephants, cartoon characters and other characters to life with ease. Her entrepreneurial venture is moving kids away from plastic toys to a safer, sustainable world of play and fun.

The crochet artist’s life turned around during the pandemic-induced lockdown. That is when she felt the need to create something interesting using the free time in hand. She decided to brush up on a craft she  learned years ago. And so, a small business was born ‘Noolu_srees crochetry,’ which she operated out of her home, fashioning out child-friendly toys and other crochet articles. 

Sreeja crafts more than just toys. She creates clothing, table mats, keychains, decors, bags, baby sets and many other items through crocheting. The artist maintains that crochet toys are very durable and can last for a few years as compared to other toys and that they can be washed and reused.

When Sreeja started out on her crochet journey, the first toy she made was an elephant. It still remains one of her most sought-after toys. According to her, sustainability is key. “It is very difficult to get good quality toys in the market. Crocheted toys are the perfect alternative if you are looking for something sustainable and child friendly,” she says.

According to her, the main challenge when it comes to creating crochet toys is predicting the size of the toys. “People sometimes specify the size, but it is not quite easy to craft out an amigurumi toy with a specific size in mind,” says Sreeja. The trend is also in Sreeja’s favour with people preferring handmade articles, she says. 

“You can create anything with crochet. But most of the orders come for toys. It is safe for kids. I also make clothing but because of our weather, it is not catching up. But baby dresses in crochet are in demand. People prefer crochet clothes for newborn babies,” says Sreeja, a resident of Vazhuthacaud in the city. 
Venture name: Noolu_srees crochetry

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