These two art shows in Bengaluru, by artists Bhavani GS and Bharati Sagar, put nature in focus 

Through two very versatile art shows, the artists shine the spotlight on the flora and fauna of India

Anagha M Published :  05th August 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  05th August 2022 12:00 AM
A painting by Bhavani GS

A painting by Bhavani GS

Monsoon brings out  the best of our natural reserves and forests, but at the same time, it’s when questions of the climate crisis and conservation come to the fore. Through two very versatile art shows, artists Bhavani GS and Bharati Sagar shine the spotlight on the flora and fauna of India. They both aim to raise awareness on how dire the need to protect them is. Here is what to expect from these shows:

Forest by Bhavani GS
Artist Bhavani GS was born and brought up in the heart of the Western Ghats. Evenings after school and weekends were spent in the lap of nature. “I used to spend time learning about and investigating the world around me — observing the colour changes on the kalli hoovu or Kaveri flowers, or collecting fallen leaves, seeds, and shed snake skins. And now, as an artist, I apply it to my work,” Bhavani tells us. Her new show is called Forest and features watercolours on acid free paper and acrylics on canvas. Soft colours and textures bring to life the lush forests, hills and coffee plantations of Karnataka and the path of River Kaveri. Bhavani also asks questions of preservation and encroachment. As human population grows, there is less and less space for flora and fauna. “Thro-ugh these paintings and this collection, I wonder if we are multiplying too fast and pushing the forest and its residents away. It’s definitely a question to ponder upon,” she  sums up.
Until August 31. At Ambara, Ulsoor

Preserving Magnificence by Bharati Sagar
This solo show by artist Bharati Sagar is described as a versatile, larger than life presentation of endangered species. “During the lockdown, when the streets were empty, several animals were seen coming out of their forced limited spaces and reclaiming their original habitat which had been taken away from them due to urbanisation,” the artist tells us, adding, “I started reading more about it and during my research I became aware of the severity of the situation. I decided to do what I do best — paint. I’m working on this theme to bring awareness about the situation.”

A painting by Bharati Sagar

Using innovative materials such as citric acid, industry waste and metal dust, Bharati has created paintings that showcase the magnificence of these animals. Bold, abstract lines and muted earthy tones add interesting textural elements to the works. “Our ecology depends on the survival of all the species on earth. My message is very simple,” she concludes.  

August 7 - 25. At Reves  Art Gallery, Jayanagar  @anaghzzz