Artistic explorations of the cosmos

Through works of five artists, this city-based exhibition explores the integral relationship between humankind and the universe

author_img Anjani Chadha Published :  16th July 2022 12:39 PM   |   Published :   |  16th July 2022 12:39 PM
Drainage by artist Sanjay Sharma

‘Drainage’ by Sanjay Sharma

If you closely witness the cross-section of a tree trunk, you will notice a few concentric circles. Called the tree rings, these circles keep evolving from time to time, and are affected by the weather and geography, giving scientists an idea of details such as the age of the tree and more. A reflection of these tree rings—that change over years—can be seen in ‘Samvrti’, a compilation of four works by Ghaziabad-based artist Amit Das. This work, made by a novel technique of engraving paper with a needle, symbolises the spiritual development of a human being for Das. “The mind and the kosha [layers of the self] evolve over time, and our spiritual connections are formed,” shares the 40-year-old. 

As part of ‘Molecules’, an ongoing exhibition at Gallery 1000A, Lado Sarai, Das along with four other artists—Sweety Joshi, Sanjay Sharma, Simran KS Lamba, and Sanjay Sawant—explore a central theme: the all-pervading energy of the cosmos. Talking about the show, Mumbai-based artist Joshi (41)—also the curator of this show—explains, “We are exploring an integral part of Indian philosophy: ‘All that is outside of you is within you’... whatever exists outside us is what we seek within us.”

Unravelling the universe
With ‘Molecules’—on till August 15—the five artists inspect the mysteries of the cosmos by experimenting with a variety of mediums. Joshi points out that despite a difference in mediums, there are underlying similarities that connect these works to the larger theme. “Every artist works with a combination of mediums and materials, but there are commonalities that connect them all,” she shares, adding that the works reflect the artists’ relationship with their surroundings.

For instance, Joshi experiments with fire in the four untitled artworks she has created. Then there’s New Delhi-based mixed media artist Simran KS Lamba—he uses tar, encaustic wax, oil paint, etc., to paint a heavily textured yet microscopic series of works, showcasing “the artistic and creative landscapes of energy’’ inside and around him. Sanjay Sawant, another mixed media artist from Mumbai, brings together objects such as beer bottle caps, metal mesh, cardboard, etc., in his work. Sawant (52) is inspired by the role of humankind in exploring the energy of the cosmos, adds, “Mixed media helps me transcend those limitations.” These diverse works converge in their collective exploration of dealing with questions of existence. 

A microscopic commentary
City-based artist Sanjay Sharma’s two artworks displayed in this exhibition are seemingly simple yet gripping, and can keep the viewer hooked for long. These works are striking statements on political and social issues. The works reflect a common existentialist—the search for our own existence 
and identity.