Popular miniaturist Jai Prakash Lakhiwal designs limited-edition sink ‘Quila’ as part of initiative to preserve traditional art

The self-taught artist has collaborated with manufacturing label Kohler for the India Artist Edition, which is an initiative that aims to celebrate Indian cultural heritage

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Miniaturist Jai Prakash Lakhiwal's design for 'Quila'

Miniaturist Jai Prakash Lakhiwal's design for 'Quila'

Acclaimed, self-taught miniaturist Jai Prakash Lakhiwal — who is considered a fundamental icon for keeping the traditional art forms alive and making them relevant for the current times — has collaborated with manufacturing label Kohler for the India Artist Edition and come out with a limited-edition sink labelled ‘Quila’.

‘Quila’ has been decorated with an intricately designed painting by the award-winning artist himself (exclusively for Kohler), thereby ensuring that art blends seamlessly with utility and renders a functional object that also serves as a way to preserve age-old artforms.

The Indian Artist Edition is an initiative that aims to celebrate Indian cultural heritage and conserve its diverse forms of art and craft, traditions, and folklore.

Discussing the need to keep these art forms alive while also making them sustainable for the modern age, Salil Sadanandan, President of Kohler (South Asia, Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa), says, “India probably has the widest tradition of art and craft, so we thought it was time to really now invest behind paying homage to Indian traditions. The Quila is a beautiful product, one-of-a-kind, and certainly very different from what people expect to see in a bathroom.”

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How was ‘Quila’ designed?

Kohler started off by conducting a 10-day workshop with leading folk artists in India. A detailed brief was given to each artist, later culminating in this collaboration with award-winning artist Jai Prakash Lakhiwal and the choice to go with the traditional art form of miniature paintings for the design.

Jai Prakash, who drew inspiration from the miniature styles of Kota (Rajasthan) and Kangra (Pahari) for his design, portrays the magnificent Rajput forts and playful activities of the royalty through vibrant hues in his work.

The design, which was initially created on a two-dimensional medium, had to be carefully translated onto a three-dimensional object. Explaining the process that went into it, Lead Industrial Designer for Kohler India, Anand Asinkar says, “We scanned these paintings and converted them into lithographs which were then transferred onto the ceramic surface. It’s all about craftsmanship and precision, without any automation.”

This stunning piece was launched at an exclusive and intimate event in New Delhi, which was attended by some of the best architects and designers in the country.