Sculptor-designer Ankita Jaiswal gifts Lucknow a new art house 

Brio Art House is designed on the three principles of sustainability, conscious living and giving back to the community

Dharitri Ganguly Published :  15th October 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  15th October 2022 12:00 AM

Ankita Jaiswal

With the launch of Brio Art House, Hazratganj, Lucknow gets a new art house. This recently launched art house-cum-cafe by sculptor and designer Ankita Jaiswal promotes sustainability as the key theme in its design and interior décor. It has been built using environment-friendly materials such as bamboo wood and reused wood from old discarded items such as old doors, chairs and tables which have been refurbished and used thereafter.


Brio Art House


Based on the concept of slow and mindful living, the Art House offers a peaceful and relaxing environment to its guests. Guests can visit the Art House and indulge in a walk to explore the art display items including ceramic cutlery and cookware, handmade designer wall plates for décor, Chikankari and Zardosi cloth items and hand-made serving trays and placemats among other items. Every item at the café is exclusive, handmade and crafted by a local artisan. 

The guests can also enjoy freshly-made, organic dishes and beverages available there – from Gulkand Tea, which gently relaxes your nerves, to savouring the local delicacy, Ram Dana Laddoo to more contemporary items such as burgers etc, it offers a wide range of organic and healthy dishes to its guests. Guests can also buy a few products for sale, like organic honey at the Art House.




The Art House-cum-cafe is based on the concept of community living and promotes local artisans and craftsmen by way of employment and working with them on local art and craft items. Currently, Ankita supports over 250+ local artisans in Uttar Pradesh including men and women to promote local art including Chikan, Zardosi, marble design and local woodwork craft. She helps sell these items through her Instagram page.



"As an Indian artist,” Ankita said, “I take great pride in our rich heritage and culture depicted in the intricate handcrafted work of the Indian artisans. At Brio Art House, we marry traditional, sustainable craftsmanship with contemporary designs and promote them through our platform. The hope is that through this endeavour, and by supporting the sustenance of traditional craftsmanship, the local handicraft industry gets revived and creates employment for many more. I also believe as artists, we need to be more sustainable in our efforts and also take this message forward about sustainability and being mindful through our designs and products."


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