Japanese and Italian aesthetics to collide at exhibition to be held at Charukaru

Coordinated by veteran artist Asit Poddar, this exhibition will feature live works by Japanese artist Kuno Yoshi Murata and Italian artist Savina Tarsitano
Artwork by Savina Tarsitano
Artwork by Savina Tarsitano

Charukaru at Hindustan Park is soon to deck up in the patterns and colours of the best of both worlds- the East and the West. Thanks to veteran Kolkata based artist and curator Asit Poddar and his interdisciplinary influence in the world of art, master artist Kuno Yoshi Murata from Japan and Savina Tarsitano from Italy will come together at the venue for a one-of-a-kind exhibition titled 2 Day Live Show. To add to the uniqueness, Murata will bring forth expertise with the traditional Sumi Ink from the Land of the Rising Sun. Sumi Ink is one of the most expensive forms of ink produced in the world, for art practice and takes over four years of production time. Coordinated by Asit himself, this display is sure to leave you mesmerised.

What: 2 Day Live Show

Where: Charukaru, Hindustan Park

When: April 16th- 17th (11am onwards)

Contact: charukaru.22@gmail.com

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