Contemporary artist Maredu Ramu’s new art show to exhibit paintings inspired the urbanisation of Hyderabad

A Walk Through the City offers linear compositions of acrylic work on canvas which include water bodies, flora and fauna
Maredu Ramu
Maredu Ramu

Cities around the world have been the stage for many stories and an inspiration for those who love the hustle and thrive on chaos and the grind of life. With its unique blend of history, culture and art serving as a canvas, Hyderabad’s old-world charm is evident in every corner, from the bustling bazaars of Charminar to the soaring skyscrapers and the warm smiles of the locals — these are all elements that make this city a visual treat for any artist. And so was it for the contemporary artist, Maredu Ramu, who pursued his education at the Hyderabad Central University.

Hailing from Peddapalli, Telangana and rooted in an agricultural background, the City of Nizams quickly became Maredu’s artistic muse and using his lexicon and imagery, the painter comes to Bengaluru with a compelling collection of new works to showcase them at the MKF Museum of Art. Titled A Walk Through the City, the artist’s solo show of paintings curated by Shirley Mathew will be on display for the next couple of weeks. 

While any other painter would have been pleased with the city’s museums, the palace and art galleries, Maredu drew inspiration from the city’s evolution encompassing its progress in development, changes in lifestyle and the less-greener environment. His show, which will exhibit 21 of his paintings, captures the transformation that Hyderabad has undergone over the last two decades. Speaking about his upcoming exhibit, the artist says, “this is my 15th solo show, which is why it’s extra special and the fact that it’s about the daily and mundane life across the city. Back when I arrived in 2001, the city was smaller, quieter and more verdant but owing to evolution, it is now intricately dotted with concrete buildings.” 

A Walk Through the City offers linear compositions of acrylic work on canvas, which include water bodies, flora and fauna as the organic elements that present a visual narrative of the changing landscapes around the city. “Unlike Bengaluru, Hyderabad was full of rocky structures and now those have taken the shape of concrete pillars as metro lanes are under construction in the city,” he shares. When observed closely, one can identify the message the artist intends to deliver in his works, be it through the markings of a burgeoning metro or in the hoardings. “A common factor that can be noticed in most of my paintings is the yellow and red autos, indigo blue barricades and the metro pillars that surround us in the city,” the painter reveals. Besides these obvious sightings, thought-provoking elements such as cows consuming plastic and garbage, trees growing out of concrete pillars under construction and posters with quirky portraits and messages are also the focus of the collection.  

April 15 to 30. 11 am to 6.30 pm. At MKF Museum of Art, Lavelle Road.

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