The French connection: Check out the Indo-French International Fest in Bengaluru

The upcoming Indo-French International Festival commemorates five decades of friendly relations between India and France and highlights culture of both countries

author_img Express Features Published :  23rd August 2023 04:29 PM   |   Published :   |  23rd August 2023 04:29 PM
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This weekend, Alliance Française de Bangalore is showcasing the rich traditions of art and culture of India and France in a three-day-long event. The Indo-French International Fest, which is a preview to the larger festival scheduled to be held in October, will feature film screenings, art exhibitions, music and dance performances and much more.

“It’s a celebration of the arts and culture of both nations. In a sense, the festival commemorates the more than 50 years of friendly relations between India and France,” says Ravindra Kumar, an architect and chief convener of the Indo-French International Festival.

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The festival will kick off with a curtain-raiser performance by the French band Midnight Poppies on August 25 and will conclude on August 27. “We also have the Indo-French international fashion show, a wildlife exhibition by a French photographer and we have some amazing artworks by Indo-French artists, all with some connection to France,” says Kumar adding that the fest will also host a career fair for people who would like to go and study in France.

The highlights of the three-day fest will be a curated selection of French and regional Indian films. “The film festival opens with the Kannada film Edegarike by Sumana Kittur. Apart from a few French films, we have decided to focus on regional Indian films, from Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada industries. We have some national award-winning films, around 12 of them,” Kumar adds.

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Meanwhile, the city-based foundation Art Mantram Trust is also holding an exhibition of curated artworks by artists with some connection to France. “We have works by Sujata Bajaj, Paresh Hazra, Gurudas Shenoy, Ramesh Terdal, Rajesh Baderia and more,” says Jija Harisingh, founder, Art Mantram, adding that the trust will also hold a silent auction of artworks by artist Kantharaj.

Harisingh says the festival will be a transformational experience for visitors, offering them unique perspectives. “Cultural exchange is not only an exposition of culture, but also offers fresh perspectives that transform individuals. Different sensibilities and energies have the power to change how we view the world. France, especially Paris, has been the centre of art and art patronage for centuries. Some of the best artists in the world worked in the city, creating some truly amazing works of art,” she adds.