Ahead of World Coffee Day, Partha Mukherjee talks about coffee art and therapy 

Mukherjee talks to Indulge about elevating coffee to more than just a beverage 

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Partha Mukherjee

Partha Mukherjee

Ahead of International Coffee Day on October 1, Indulge speaks to Kolkata Coffee Man Partha Mukherjee on using coffee as a medium of art and therapy.

How did coffee become a medium of art for you?

As they say, there are no accidents, 12 years ago once when I was doing water –colour with a cup of coffee kept beside it, my brush dipped into the coffee and I used the same stroke. I honed this medium for two years and came up with the first coffee art that I could exhibit.

Any advantage of working with coffee?

Coffee does not cause pollution when thrown away unlike chemical-based and toxic colours. The colour it generates is very warm and gives a sense of vintage nostalgia.

Any disadvantages…

Coffee is a stain so it sticks. You cannot undo, once you have done something.

Do you take any precautions?

Any organic medium can have fungus; fade out, insect, or ant attacks so I treat the paper and coffee with my own anti-fungal treatments.

Is there a particular type of coffee you love working with?

Every kind of coffee roast has its own colour. Mixing and matching will give the right shades and mood. Filter coffee gives the greatest result and I try to stick to Arabica.

Audrey Hepburn made with coffee strokes

Do you have plans to expand the art form nationally and globally?

I am certified in providing psychological therapy. With the mission Kolkata Coffee Man, I provide people a platform to vent out without being judged. Whatever they talk about, I paint it in front of them. That becomes a kind of coffee therapy. I’m trying to make this art a process to help people.

How does it feel to give coffee recognition beyond everyone’s favourite beverage?

I feel I’m giving something back to the society. The sense of relief and happiness that people have after speaking their heart out, that’s rewarding.

Can coffee be used for wall painting?

This still needs research. So it’s under process.

Your favourite coffee?