International Museum Day: 6 museums where AI redefines art and culture

Though they have long been associated with relics of the past, museums of the contemporary time are striving to predict marvels of the future
International Museum Day: 6 museums where AI redefines art and culture

It’s that time of the year again when curators across the world come together to celebrate International Museum Day on May 18. With museums across the world putting up unimaginable spectacles of art and culture, we’re reminded about the crucial role these institutions play in encapsulating our most coveted dreams, so that we can bear witness to the wonders of the world as they are.

Though museums have long been associated with being relics of the past, such as colossal T-rex skeletons or frozen cavemen waiting to be thawed out, museums of this age have embraced a new paradigm, striving to predict the marvels of the future. With ideas like resurrected artists and augmented realities that seem to have sprung straight out of a sci-fi novel, these museums harness the power of AI to curate experiences that are mind-blowing but also deeply insightful.

We’ve handpicked five of the most bizarre museums, known to use AI, to project the future that you must visit!

The Dalí, Florida

Ever since the death of surrealist painter Salvador Dalí in 1989, experts have wondered whether a reiterated version of Persistence of Memory would be painted with melting iPhones and MacBooks, instead of clock arms and watch faces. Well with the power of AI, these experts can simply ask Dalí themselves at The Dalí museum situated in St. Petersburg, Florida. By using a replica of Dalí’s legendary Lobster Telephone, visitors can have a long and hearty chat with the mustached artist to garner more knowledge about his life and his art.

Museum of Modern Art, New York

Refik Anadol’s Unsupervised has pushed AI’s generative capabilities to its limit to showcase the subconscious mind of artificial intelligence on a 24x24 ft canvas. Located in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York, this adaptive masterpiece gives us a glimpse into the data-driven future of art. Utilising over 380,000 images from the MoMa archives, including gems from the likes of Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, Unsupervised is not only capable of creating original art, but can also alter its work to suit the visitors viewing it based on their facial expressions, the time, and even the weather. This machine hallucination proves that AI is so much more than 0s and 1s, by blurring the lines between reality and artificiality.

Museum of The Future, Dubai

While the 21st century hasn’t kept up with the sci-fi promises of Terminators or Replicants, the Museum of The Future (MOTF) in Dubai is home to the world’s most advanced humanoid, Ameca. The brainchild of Engineered Arts is the star act of the 30,000 sqm museum, with her human-like facial expressions and interactive gestures captivating the smiles of her audience.

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo

Best suited for a family outing with the kids, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyo provides the most educational attractions in the world for children to understand humanity’s relationship with technology. Featuring a plethora of three-dimensional dome theaters that transport you to the vast regions of space, along with Honda’s ASIMO, another humanoid who possesses opposable thumbs ad even played football with Obama in 2014. There’s plenty of Tokyo’s finest in store for your family to enjoy together.

MEET Digital Culture Center Milan

Our final museum for this list takes us to Milan, Italy, where the MEET Digital Culture Center has made its name by capturing the wonders of the digital world in physical space. Its world-renowned architecture can turn into a theater for amazement and education, while also serving as an endless canvas for the digital masterpieces that are created and curated by the likes of both humans and AI. If you’re an architecture nut, this last pick is definitely for you.

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Museum, Seoul

There isn’t a more fitting way to end a list about the future without giving you an idea of what to look out for in the future. Situated in Seoul, the Robot and Artificial Intelligence Museum (RAIM) will be the world’s largest spectacle of AI utilisation as the 7400 sqm museum will not only house robots but will also be built by them. Designed by Melike Altinsik Architects, this museum aims to spread awareness about the capabilities of AI upon its completion at the end of 2024.

(Written by Abhinav Shenoy)

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