Pooja Pande's e-book, Momspeak, explores the many emotions of motherhood

Set for a May 1 release, this book on motherhood by Pande delves deep into the psyche of a modern mom
Front cover of Momspeak
Front cover of Momspeak

What is it like to be a mother in India? Is there only one kind of woman as mother or can mothers be as different as chalk and cheese?

In this original, provocative e-book, Momspeak: The Funny, Bittersweet Story of Motherhood in India, author Pooja Pande peels off the layers of social propriety to delve deep into the visceral reality of motherhood, much glorified but barely understood in India. 

<em>Pooja Pande picture credit: The Hassanwalia Sisters)</em>
Pooja Pande picture credit: The Hassanwalia Sisters)

Through Pooja’s personal journey, and hilarious and poignant episodes in the lives of other mothers — married, single, divorced, lesbian, adoptive, and more — Momspeak plumbs the depths of this complex experience and busts long-held myths around it. 

<em>Front cover of Momspeak</em>
Front cover of Momspeak

 Pande explores the wide spectrum of experiences ranging from ecstasy to depression, jealous possessiveness to indifference, exhaustion to sensual desire that mothers as humans tend to go through and also reveals the personal, social and emotional roller-coaster journey called motherhood. Through vignettes of her personal journey, and hilarious and poignant episodes in the lives of different mothers—married, divorced, single, queer, adoptive—Pooja celebrates and shines new light on this transformative, life-affirming experience.

A writer, editor and a TED speaker who heads Strategy at Khabar Lahariya, she has also co-authored Red Lipstick with Laxmi Narayan Tripathi. Her book is all set for a May 1 release.

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