Aanchal Agrawal comes to Hyderabad to present the show Chord do Aanchal

Aanchal talks to team Indulge about comedy, inspirations, feminism and more.
Aanchal Agrawal
Aanchal Agrawal

With a rare talent for finding humour in the most ordinary moments, Aanchal Agrawal has become a household name in the world of stand-up comedy. Be it imitating someone from her family hilariously recounting their quirky antics or simply narrating everyday observations, there are many aspects of her life that she turns into comic gold. And, the true magic of it all lies in the universal appeal of her jokes that resonate with many. Aanchal, a post-graduate from Indore, is pursuing her second Master’s degree from New York University.

Although quite passionate about academics, she realised that stand-up comedy is a significant part of her life. Quite passionate about feminism, it’s amazing how she weaves the threads of her interest into the fabric of her content. Aanchal, while on her India tour, is coming to Hyderabad to perform her show Chord Do Aanchal. She talks to us about comedy, inspirations, feminism and more.

What is the show Chord Do Aanchal all about?

It is a blend of humour and entertainment. I’ll be talking about my years of growing up in a Marwari family. Also, I will share some fascinating anecdotes from a recent foreign tour where I had the pleasure of taking my parents along. It was one amazing experience packed with cultural encounters, immense learning and plenty of humorous moments.

When and how did the idea of pursuing comedy first come to you?

After working in a corporate job, I realised that it was not meant for me. I left the job and started exploring my interests and passion further. I eventually did ad films, web shows and figured that comedy was my true calling. I still remember when I did my first show back in the year 2017! I was ecstatic to see people enjoying my jokes and appreciating my talent.

Your family members are often part of your comic narratives. How do they react on being featured in your content?

Although my parents are not extensively involved in the process, they take immense pride and joy in knowing that my videos are getting viral and my work is being appreciated. But, interestingly, sometimes, they do make videos with me. My brother helps me fine-tune my content when it is usually around our family interactions by sharing any interesting incidents that I may have missed.

How do you go about preparing your content for a show?

First, I come up with an idea and start working around it. I go to open mics and other shows and test those jokes in order to check whether they are working or not. Repeatedly performing in front of live audiences and gauging their reactions to different content is the key. This generally helps comedians understand what resonates with the audience and what might need improvement.

Are you someone who always had a great sense of humour?

Yes, I do have a playful and mischievous side. Even in school, I would engage in a lot of fun with my friends. I was known for playing pranks on people. Not just outside, we like to keep it light and joyful even at home. At my place, there is no strict hierarchy that restricts the kids from speaking in front of elders. Everyone enjoys a good time together experiencing moments of laughter.

Your videos often convey the message of women’s independence. Do talk about that.

I have read a lot about feminism and I still do because I strongly resonate with the idea. Each and every woman should have the right to take her own decisions. I also encourage the thought of women knowing their worth and becoming financially independent so that they can make informed choices. Women can try to look for resources to educate themselves in whatever area they are interested in.

As a comedian, what are the challenges you face?

Earlier, I used to take a lot of pressure and compare my journey with others. However, now, I am happy with the kind of work that I am doing. I am only focusing on my personal growth and delivering quality work. The other challenges include people getting disrespectful while you are performing on the stage, especially, when people don’t like your content.

How do you think comedy acts as a powerful medium to bring about social change?

Art has always been a mirror to society. Any art form can play a major role in changing the societal landscape. However, having said that, no comedian is under any obligation to be the voice of change. It should purely be a choice that they make. We should not put additional pressure on comedians or artistes to contribute to the idea of bringing a change because everyone is struggling with their own issues and fighting battles we don't know anything about. 

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