Once you achieve one milestone, there’s another one waiting: Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta opens up about his family and the challenges of societal expectations — all of which form the heart of his India tour, Gaurav Gupta Live
Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta

Standup comedian Gaurav Gupta is generating notable thrill with his India Tour, Gaurav Gupta Live, including a performance in Hyderabad. He extracts humour from the advice he receives, especially regarding married life, finances, and lifestyle choices. His parents’ quirks — like his mother’s sarcasm and his father’s moodiness, become fodder for his comedy, helping him cope with it. Rooted in fundamental principles, his routines are carefully honed through intimate performances in smaller venues. He elicits laughter by mastering timing, delivery, and engagement, showcasing his keen understanding of the art involved. Gaurav will capture idiosyncrasies of middle-class life while also focusing on caste in order to deliver a hilariously relatable performance that bridges cultural gaps and unites audiences in laughter.

Your India tour is creating quite a buzz in the comedy scene! How did you prepare the set?
Crafting a successful comedy routine involves a strategic approach. I start by developing my material based on fundamental comedic principles. These basics include understanding timing, delivery, and audience engagement. To gauge the effectiveness of my jokes, I begin by testing them in intimate, smaller venues. When the material starts resonating with the audience, eliciting laughter and positive reactions, I recognise its potential. At this point, I don’t just stop there. Instead, I continue performing the successful bits repeatedly in different shows. This repetition serves a dual purpose: it not only refines the delivery and timing but also ensures that the humour consistently connects with diverse audiences. Once I’m thoroughly convinced that the material is universally funny and reliably generates laughter, I make the decision to proceed with a full tour.

How do you keep your jokes light-hearted while making sure your crowd, including the Baniya community, enjoys and appreciates your comedy?
I draw heavily from my own experiences, focusing on the nuances of my lifestyle and upbringing within the context of the Baniya community. This personal narrative forms the core of my storytelling. It’s essential to me that the stories I share come from my own observations. While my material revolves around it, I’m not attempting to stereotype or generalise. By sharing my experiences in a light-hearted and humourous way, I create an atmosphere where people can relate to my story without feeling offended. Instead of feeling attacked, the audience finds themselves laughing along with me.

As someone whose comedy is primarily about family, what’s the most outrageous family advice you’ve ever received, and did you use it as material? My mother is sarcastic and my father is moody. I feel amused by the hot and cold relationship between my mother and my wife. Living in a middle-class family comes with a weird set of experiences and expectations. It often feels like everyone around you has advice to offer, whether it’s about earning money, getting married, or having children. The pressure to meet these societal expectations can be overwhelming. Once you achieve one milestone, there’s always another one waiting. For instance, when you start earning, there’s the immediate advice to invest wisely. And even when you want to enjoy a simple pleasure like a staycation, convincing your parents can be a challenge. So, humour has become my ally.

Why do you think people, in general, get upset easily with comedians?
With millions of consumers online, it’s natural that not everyone will resonate with your content. Even if your visibility extends to a million people, it’s common for a portion of that audience, perhaps 20 per cent, not to engage or connect with your content. So, even if not everyone likes you, the ones who do can become your supporters.

`799 upwards. October 8. 5 pm and 7.30 pm. At KLN Prasad Auditorium, Lakdikapul. — Chokita Paul chokita@newindianexpress.com @PaulChokita

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