Comedians Daniel Fernandes and Ashwyn Singh open up about their Double Headliner Tour and more

The comics kick off their tour in Chennai today
Ashwyn Singh and Daniel Fernandes
Ashwyn Singh and Daniel Fernandes

Two sets, two comedians, two distinct sets, but one show. What else could a stand-up show fanatic want from a weekend? For the show titled Double Headliner, Daniel Fernandes, known for his dark brand of humour is returning to Chennai with comedian Ashwyn Singh, whose online presence with the Instagram Reels series of Desi Translations has catapulted him into prominence. Ashwyn, an immigrant-turned-permanent resident from Canada has established his presence in the stand-up community with observations, anecdotes and experiences from his life and finding their way into his sets.

Chatting with us ahead of this show are both the comics, giving us further insights into their sets, other personal projects, audience reactions and more. Excerpts:

Daniel Fernandes

Tell us about your upcoming show in Chennai. What will it be about?
The Double Headliner tour with Ashwyn Singh is a one-of-a-kind show where you get to see two established comedians for the price of one. We’re going to do 60-minute sets each, with material covering life in a hilarious and sometimes morbid way.

You are collaborating with Ashwyn Singh for this show. How did that come about?
Ashwyn is a friend. He had opened for me on a tour of India a couple of years ago and his career has been on a brilliant upward trajectory after he returned to Canada. Stand-up is usually a solo pursuit, so when the opportunity to tour together came up, we grabbed it.

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You also release regular episodes of a podcast, with an intriguing concept, you started a few months back. What is it all about?
B*tch Please is a fun podcast where fans call in to talk about something that’s on their mind and we get candid like you would with a friend. I also do live recordings with an audience and friends from the comedy industry who feature as guests. It’s a very engaging format and with 23 episodes in, I’m having a great time producing it.

Ashwyn Singh
Your upcoming set is part of The Audacity Comedy Tour. What are some of the topics you will explore?
There are a few different themes for this one. The tour is called so because the material is irreverent and audacious and it challenges the way people think about things. But it is also just plain funny. There is also seven minutes about every relationship which a son has with his mom. Some topics question our freedom, whether we have it or if we’re just told that we have it. Adding to this there are also bits about our relationship with God. It ends with a bit of questioning of how we attempt to treat fear as a society, some material on consent, and whether language and meaning are the same thing. And the set wouldn’t be complete without seven minutes on Palestine.

How has your camaraderie with Daniel evolved?
I think what brings us together is we want comedy to be intelligent. It’s been 3 years since I opened shows for him in four or five cities and he’s been a mentor and a friend to me. And now we have a working relationship as well. This time around, he was the one suggesting that we should headline together.

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You’re online series, Desi Translations, series on Instagram have often gone viral. How did it all start?
I wanted to do something that wasn’t traditional stand-up but also included jokes. I was experimenting with different types of reel. It wasn’t until after it started doing well that I tried a different approach for this.

Rs 499.
Tickets available online.
Happening today 23 February. 7:30 pm onwards.
At Alchemy Black Box Studio, Adyar

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