Filmy vibes and lots of laughter as Ankita Shrivastav graces Hyderabad

We catch up with the very bright comedian who is all set to charm and amuse you with her new set of jokes
Ankita Shrivastav
Ankita Shrivastav

For those who actively engage in social media, the viral sensation Bombay Girls, Local Trains on YouTube is probably something you’ve encountered. Ankita Shrivastav, more popularly known as FilmyChokri tells us, “I embrace drama in my life and the name fully resonates with my personality.” What sets her apart is the appeal of her relatable videos, one of which, with 51 million views on Instagram, notices her increasing rise.

Quite impressive, isn’t it? Hyderabadis, get your parents, friends, and colleagues, and sit back to enjoy a full hour of hilarious and family-friendly jokes! She’s a different person on stage when she’s in Hyderabad. “I have crafted the set with a lot of care and love. I know the faces of the crowd in the city. Stand-up is always fun,” Ankita tells us.

Her record also unfolds with notable performances in films like Sarabjit, where she shared the screen with acclaimed actors Randeep Hooda and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. But stand-up comedy is like her long-lost calling. She spills the beans and says it’s all about that sweet independence.

No more waiting around for someone to cast her in films or crossing her fingers for things to work out just right. “Of course, I still feel nervous and face the brunt of a joke not landing well. Comedy has been a great utilisation of my time and craft as an actor as well. Also, I’m not expecting anything to happen with my stand-up career. I do this for the fun of it and thankfully, I stuck to it too,” she says.

Despite this, for her comedy game, confidence is the secret sauce. Ankita adds, “You got to have confidence as an artiste too, irrespective of how uneasy you are. If I’m not confident on stage, the audience is going to know about it and a good joke won’t work because the delivery wasn’t confident enough and vice-versa.”

`399 upwards. January 27. 6 pm. At Aaromale, Jubilee Hills. 9.30 pm. At Tease, Vivanta, Begumpet. 

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