Stand-up comedian Sharul Channa is happily homebound!

Be it from an expatriate perspective, the artiste views her homecoming as a return to herself. Catch her in Hyderabad as she brings her set, Just Joking!
Sharul Channa
Sharul Channa

Stand-up comedian Sharul Channa was born in India and relocated to Singapore when she was only three months old. Although raised to be streetsmart by her parents, ironically, they never permitted her to go out alone in the streets, as she says that her parents didn’t think, it was ‘safe enough.’

Despite the brevity of her childhood in India, Sharul experienced an enriching upbringing — she still got to learn our culture and language, meet people from all walks of life, visit farms and interact with those in villages.

Coming back closer home for her impending India tour with Just Joking!, which also includes a performance in Hyderabad, the artiste reveals that the city is a place she particularly looks forward to visiting. Before reaching Hyderabad, Sharul made friends with a retired IPS officer at a wedding.

“She told me how wonderful the city is and that I would like it. We will also be meeting for dinner. I am already liking the people here so much that I would love to see how the city is. I’m eager to find out if it’s similar to Singapore or any other place, or if it has a personality of its own,” she tells us. While Sharul would love to connect with Hyderabad, the Hyderabadis will relate to her jokes including funny bits from her childhood and her relationship with India.

“Before the show, I’d also want to get on a phone call with some of the folk here so that I too get to know what Hyderabadis are like. My comedy is a twoway relationship. It’s not solely me bringing my stories on stage but also about finding out more about the other side and connect the dots so that people eventually laugh,” Sharul adds.

Throwing back to the days before her debut with Pottymouth in 2017, audiences loved when Sharul and her partner Rishi Budhrani, also a Singaporean comedian and actor, took the stage together to elicit a whole lot of laughs. As a former comedy duo who now have solo careers in the art form, Sharul observes the notable differences between independence as well as being part of a duo.

“I think for any individual, especially a woman, you need to make sure that you have a solo career and be independent. You don’t know what the future holds, so, you need to have your own brand. If you brand yourself with another person, tomorrow for whatever reason, when they branch out somewhere else, you should not be lost,” she says, adding, “More importantly, people should not be lost in getting used to seeing you with someone else on stage. We wanted to grow individually and also, come together at some point again.” 

Tickets at `650. January 27. 7.30 pm. At district150, Knowledge City. — chokita@newindianexpress. com @PaulChokita

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