Join Pranav Sharma for his debut show Taaza Phool, where he navigates the humour in everyday life with wit and charm

The first stand-up performance Pranav ever watched was by Abhishek Upmanyu, which left a lasting impression on him.
Pranav Sharma
Pranav Sharma

Pranav Sharma has been a joke writer since childhood, always keen on turning life’s moments into humour. His passion for comedy led him to transform his scripts into stand-up material, which he then tested at open mics. After gaining confidence and honing his skills, Pranav began performing shows in cities like Bengaluru. “My joke writing process revolves around the life I live,” he explains, noting that he draws inspiration from everyday occurrences and the world around him.

The first stand-up performance Pranav ever watched was by Abhishek Upmanyu, which left a lasting impression on him. This inspiration fuelled his journey into comedy, leading him to create relatable content that resonates with his audience. “I build a context around a joke and try them in open mics to see if it's relatable,” he says, emphasizing the importance of connecting with his audience through shared experiences.

Currently, he is working on a script focused on middle-class mentalities, exploring the quirks and challenges of this demographic. “Whenever I feel writer’s block, I tend to go out and travel. I observe people more and wander around to open up my mind,” he shares.

Stand-up comedy requires significant dedication, the comedian has made many sacrifices along the way. “For stand-up, I had to sacrifice a lot of my time and miss out on things, as stand-up usually happens at night when friends usually hang out,” he reveals. Despite the challenges, he remains committed to his craft and strives to create content that doesn’t offend. “I try to write my content in such a way that people don’t get offended,” he adds.

Pranav’s first show in Hyderabad, Taaza Phool, promises to be a Experience the hilarity of everyday life with Pranit More in Baap Ko Mat Sikha Humour in the mundane culture The show is fi lled with stories related to my dad as well. It also involves crowd work — Pranit More memorable event. He will perform multiple gigs about careers, love stories, and other aspects of teenage life. Additionally, Pranav plans to engage in crowd work, giving situations to the audience and discovering new humour in real-time.

Pranav also focuses on making his audience feel comfortable, especially when they aren’t initially on board with his humour. He encourages audiences to keep an open mind and enjoy the performance without judgment.

Tickets at Rs 299. July 7, 7.45 pm.

At The Comedy Theatre, Gachibowli

Written by Manik Reddy


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