Opus returns with plans of hosting international acts and music festivals

The new venue is at Haralur Road

Anagha M Published :  08th December 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  08th December 2017 06:00 AM

Carlton Braganza

In December 2003, Opus opened its doors and became the premier music venue in the city. But about two and a half years ago, owner Carlton Braganza shut shop and left a vacuum in the scene. This weekend, Opus is back with a club set up, state-of-the-art sound systems and some bigger gigs.

This new avatar of Opus has a slick nightclub vibe to it. But for loyalists of the laid-back feel the older Opus had to offer, there is also an outdoor area, “Octopus’ Garden,” with wall art and an acoustic stage. Soon they plan to open a terrace lounge and a banquet hall.

“We will be playing a lot of different kinds of music. From EDM to jazz and blues,” Carlton says when asked about the direction the sound will take, adding, “It is a fairly large space so we plan to have some big bands and some big DJs up here. That’s the challenge we are gearing up for.” He says they plan to bring down international outfits apart from supporting local artistes. They also plan to host various music festivals throughout the year. 

The opening night has the band Sanam performing a gig. The lead singer Sanam Puri shares history with the place. He was one of the winners of Kroaking — Opus’ popular karaoke contest. With a giant LED wall and claiming to have the country’s best sound system, Opus is ready for some great audio-visual acts and even theatre performances. Even though it is in a newer part of town, Carlton says it will be an exciting journey and he is looking forward to it. 

At Haralur Road.