Best Kept Secret on their journey and their single, Moving On

The Bengaluru-based band heads to Hyderabad for a gig on December 28

A Harini Prasad Published :  22nd December 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  22nd December 2017 06:00 AM

(Left to right) Behram, Abhilash and Hemanth

With about 100 gigs a year, Bengaluru’s Best Kept Secret is either at the airport or in their studio making music, both things they love just as much. It isn’t surprising, thus, when the band says that they write songs even while flying. “I get tired and try to sleep on the flight but Hemanth just doesn’t let me. He’s always working on music in the aircraft as well,” shares Behram Siganporia, vocalist and bass guitarist. Hemanth Diwakaran (guitarist) quickly adds, “Hopefully, we’ll have our own private jet one day. We already have a pilot (Behram) in the band so we got that department covered.” Besides the two, the band includes Abhilash EK on drums.

The band has quite a following among the young audience across the country. Abhilash puts it well when he says, “Whether you’re 16 or 60, we’ll make you sway, either way.” Apart from a diverse set of listeners, Best Kept Secret also has an eclectic range of interests in music. Hemanth points out that the band gradually moved from rock to indie pop space. “Our tunes are a mix of rock, blues, disco and soul. We would like to classify ourselves as a pop band though,” he adds. The three-piece band recently released their single, Moving On, which has garnered them three lakh views on their YouTube channel.

Best Kept Secret

Interestingly, the song was an outcome of Behram’s breakup story. “Basically, every time Behram dates a girl or breaks up, he writes a song. Wait until you hear the rest and we have another Taylor Swift in the making among us. With all due respect to both,” quips Hemanth. Abhilash quickly adds, “Let me tell you the story. One night in 2015, Behram got back to the apartment saying he’s done with his relationship. He stayed up all night and wrote the song. While the recording was done, we never released it. Earlier this year, our producer Ashish Manchanda decided to give the song a bit of a pop sound.”

Initially known as One Nite Stand, the Bengaluru-based band later changed its name to Best Kept Secret. “Aren’t one night stands the best-kept secrets?” laughs Behram, adding that the new name was finalised after a radio contest where fans were asked to suggest a few creative ones. While Behram is a professional pilot who sang at karaoke bars before he kick-started his career, the other three are all trained musicians.“One of our common friends’ wanted me to play with his other musician friends (Hemanth and Abhilash). Though it was supposed to be a one-off show (which is why the previous name One nite stand), we clicked well together and decided to keep it going.” says Behram. The band has plans to release an album next year, apart from their gigs in the Middle-East and Europe. 

Tickets: Rs.1,000. On December 28, 8 pm onwards. 
At Hard Rock Cafe, Banjara Hills.