Delhi-based DJ BLOT! ready to sway Hyderabad

Mansion House Party, a weekly party series, will organise its first event in Lé Vantage CaféBar, Hyderabad.

A Harini Prasad Published :  03rd November 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  03rd November 2017 06:00 AM

Delhi-based techno DJ BLOT! is one of the most popular techno musicians in the country’s electronic dance music scene. Straddling music, art and performance, Gaurav Malaker (better known as BLOT!) has been a part of well-known music festivals – from NH7 Weekender to international EDM festival, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) India. He now makes his way to the city for the Mansion House Party, a weekly party series to be held in Lé Vantage CaféBar. A new entrant to the city’s growing nightlife scene, Mansion House Party aims to deliver a musical experience combining iconic brandy cocktails with dance floor-friendly tunes. For its debut, the music festival will also feature Stalvart John from Bengaluru. Here’s a brief chat with the 35-year-old carving a niche for himself in the electronic music scene:

Could you give us a brief about your journey as a DJ?
I wanted to be a DJ since high school. Back then there was no way I could buy myself the required gear. One day, I just wandered into a shop that rented out DJ gear and asked them if they needed someone to play music. I was 15 and extremely enthusiastic to play music on the turntables. Six years and probably 10,000 parties later, I started BLOT! while I was in law school.

What do you think about the growth of EDM lately?
People are clued in about the sound that they like and the music they want to hear. It’s a great time to be doing music now in India because most listeners are smart, receptive and remember the nuances.

Your future projects?
I am working on an action figure series called Resin Ravers. I’m also in the process of remixing an EP with tunes from musicals I admire – Aqua Dominatrix and Donn Bhat.

Artistes that you look up to?
I actually look up to athletes more than artistes. Their sense of discipline and motivation inspires me. Within music, I just met Sebastian Mullaert and I was inspired by his thought process and how spiritual he is about his music. David August, Michael Jackson and Tycho – their aesthetics are appealing.

What are the things that you derive inspiration from?
I’m inspired by the processes in my regular life that I wish to imbibe into my music. I’m trying to recreate some special smaller moments that happened on the dance floor into larger moments in the studio. I’m also trying to make music that is engaging yet calm, but is also dance music and works on the dance floor.

Can you tell us something about your previous experiences in Hyderabad?
There’s a well-connected community, everyone is friendly, there are great musicians and everyone is working really hard for their local scene. It’s one of the few cities, where people respond to what you do and that’s special to have. Just the right balance of big city, friendly people and small scene.

Entry free. November 4, 9 pm.
Lé Vantage CaféBar, Jubilee Hills. Details: 9182769500

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