Mumbai death metallers Killchain talks about Durance of Hate tour

The four-city plan will be their debut tour across India, also featuring bands Carnage Inc. and Darkrypt

Jose Joy Published :  03rd November 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  03rd November 2017 06:00 AM

The nascent dream of this death metal outfit is materialising. The five-member squad is ready to roll out for their first multi-city tour, featuring four venues including a debut show in Kochi.

“I was pondering on the idea of a continuous performance journey and discussed it with our friends from the band Carnage Inc. Together we came up with the poster designs, which we’ve also tweaked into a t-shirt print,” says vocalist Vineet Sharma.

The act—also consisting of guitarists Neeraj Chauhan and Aditya Mohanan—is excited about their newly-added rhythm duo featuring Neil Parmar on bass and Yash Khona on drums. We catch up with Vineet over the phone, prior to the first leg of Durance of Hate tour on Friday at Hyderabad.

The offensive line
Initially a bedroom project formed in 2013, the band had a crushing set of originals lined up by the time they emerged on stage a year later. The war-inspired name of the act is pulled from the song name of a 1980s metallers called Bolt Thrower.

“I wouldn’t say our sound is completely old-school, but we’ve been deeply influenced by the international death metal scenes of the ’80s and ’90s,” says the twenty-something-year-old.

Despite multiple lineup changes, Killchain has managed to find their niche on a compilation by a Georgia-based record label Blast ’Til Death and even release a four-song EP titled Psychosis in mid-2016.

“We’ve been experimenting with our sound to include more technicalities in style, especially with the material we’re currently working on.” Metalheads can watch out for their songs like Armed lunacy, as they share the stage with four other acts.

Tickets from `500. 
At YWCA, Fort Kochi.
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