Uru Art Harbour spawns a new instrumental rock act Olam

Olam is one of the first bands from Kerala to emerge out of an artist residency programme.

Anoop Menon Published :  20th October 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  20th October 2017 06:00 AM

OLAM Image by Uru Art Harbour

Olam is one of the first bands from Kerala to emerge out of an artist residency programme. Having incubated themselves for close to a year within Uru Art Harbour, all of their tracks were organically crafted out of jamming sessions at the venue.But, how did all this start?

“We were looking for a jamming space and serendipitously ended up at Uru—15 days before Riyas Komu opened its doors to the public. Eventually, we assembled a few numbers for the art gallery’s inaugural day. Looking back, those songs seem primitive when compared to the seven tunes they’ve grown into now,” explains drummer Arun S Kumar, who was previously part of the popular alt-prog band, Kaav, along with guitarist Syam Pai. This weekend the duo will be joined onstage by Ajoy Jose (keys) and Manu Ajayan (bass) for Olam’s first live gig.

Against the current

Since the four-piece band grew out of the streets of Fort Kochi and Mattancherry, a few regional music influences have seeped into their soundscapes. A unique facet about these musicians is that they chose not to name any of their tracks.

“People turning up at our hour-long debut gig can expect an intense-yet-smooth ride,  interspersed with uncommon rhythms. Our melodic and progressive tunes have psychedelic elements but it’s definitely rooted in rock sensibilities,” shares 35-year-old Arun, who adds that they have no intention of recording these singles anytime soon, as their sounds haven’t completely evolved yet.

Let’s hope that indie artistes, like Olam, continue to find breathing space within the contemporary ‘artmosphere’ of Biennale’s homeground.

At URU Art Harbour. On October 22.
Free entry. From 6.30 pm onwards.