Get local with Lagori! How the Bengaluru band continues to redefine regional fusion rock

With a new album in the works, the popular band from Bengaluru makes time for a show in Chennai

Karan Pillai Published :  27th July 2018 05:54 PM   |   Published :   |  27th July 2018 05:54 PM


Even though they formed in the year 2011, Bengaluru-based fusion band Lagori has released only one album to date, which is a self-titled eight-track 41-minute long blend of classical melodies and rock tunes that was released in 2013. Five years later, the four-member group is working on a new album at present, about which they are not willing to reveal much, as we speak to them before their upcoming performance in Chennai. “It’s top secret for now. All we can say is that it is very close to our local Kannadiga heritage and we are excited to present it to the world soon,” says Geeth Vaz, one of the founding members of the band. However, going by the track record of all their subsequent singles after the debut album and the numerous live shows done in around 30 cities in the country, one can expect the new one to be filled with high-energy tracks that have become synonymous with Lagori.

Chasing inspiration
“The band has always been inspired by the rich diversity of culture that exists in India and the evolving definition of what it means to be ‘Indian’,” says Geeth, adding, “While our initial songwriting was inspired by our environment as young Bangaloreans, our horizons continue to widen thanks to the travelling we do together as a band. ​For instance, our song Hadimba was written when we spent a week or so in Manali for a shoot.” Talking about the evolution of the band and its music, he explains, “​We’re grateful for the opportunity to continuously learn more about our own country, and this is a sentiment that will continue to dominate our approach to making music and evolving as a band.” Having performed in several Indian languages, be it ​Kannada, Assamese, Malayalam and even Tamil, Lagori enjoys a fan base from several states in the country. ​“One of the most enjoyable things for us is to tailor our performances for the audience we’re playing to. ​We make sure we prepare for each show by first understanding who we’re playing for and then come up with an exciting set list that will appeal to those attending the show,” he shares, telling us to expect their hit originals and a few new songs at their show on Sunday.    

Checkpoint Chennai
With founding members Geeth (electric guitar) and Edward Rasquinha (acoustic guitar), the band is complete with lead vocalist Tejas Shankar and drummer Vinyl Kumar. “Lagori was formed over beer and biryani!,” says Geeth, adding, “Edward and me ​were already part of a progressive rock band in Bengaluru, but we were keen on doing something different and more local. That’s when we first composed the song Aasma in Hindi. We were eventually joined by the other band members.” Echoing the opinion of almost all musicians who perform in Chennai, he agrees that the city has “very musically educated audiences”. “​We love performing here; they understand original independent music and are extremely supportive,” he says, adding that they love  the biryani at Dindigul Thalappakatti. “We ​make it a point to eat in one of their joints everytime we are here,” he reveals. 

At Phoenix MarketCity. July 28. 7 pm onwards. Details: 6651-3007