This New York-based Indian electronica band is gearing up to make their debut in the city 

On their India tour for their album Maya, New York- based Indian electronica band Rini, is all set to make an electric debut in the city

Rehna Abdul Kareem Published :  23rd March 2018 11:23 AM   |   Published :   |  23rd March 2018 11:23 AM
Rini Live in Chennai

Rini Live in Chennai

India, Indonesia, Luxembourg, France and Spain - these are the countries from which five musicians have converged to make one super band. Harini, Aleif Hamdan, Achal Murthy, Mazime Cholley and Inigo Galdeano Lasheras all met at Berklee College of Music, each bringing in their own influences and style of music. The New York-based band Rini has released three EPs worldwide - Kural, Alone in the Blue and Maya. Their sound is predominantly Indian electronica and art rock along with Harini’s formal training in Carnatic music. 

Leading this international cadre of musicians is Chennai born singer, composer  and violinist Harini Raghavan, after whom the band Rini is named after, who creates her own version of Indian Electronica. Even though she travelled to Berklee to focus on the kind of competition she had around her, she ended up jamming with her favourite musicians and establishing Rini in 2015. After gigging for three years around the country, the entourage is all set to release their third album Maya in India, this week. Harini performed with A.R.Rahman in Las Vegas earlier this year as well and the highly popular Israeli artist, Idan Raichel at the Beacon Theatre NYC.  “We have vocals, violin, guitar, bass, saxophone, Ewi and drums (acoustic and electronic drum pads),” says Harini. “From the beginning, I was always going for a lush yet groovy sound for the band. My major influences have been Beats Antique, Radiohead, Imogen Heap and A.R.Rahman, who has been a pioneer in blending electronic music with Indian classical elements.”  

Rini’s music blends Carnatic elements toward rock and jazz sensibilities in a refreshing, organic way. It contains jazz harmonies, electronic layers, rock grooves and a high energy live experience. There are a lot of sections that are improvisational and each member of the band brings in their own musical influences while aesthetically adhering with the intent of the composition.  The sax/EWI player, Inigo chimes in saying that the blend of Indian music, jazz and electronica are so well done that each element gives the band a unique personality. “People all around the world can feel and connect with this sound.”  The band has prepared a high energy groovy set with originals from their EP and album, as well as a few surprise covers with original arrangement. “It’s the first time in India for my drummer and sax player,” says Harini. “It’s going to be really special for us.”  Maxime and Inigo too express their excitement. “I can’t wait to fly to Chennai,” says Inigo. “This tour is going to be unforgettable.” 

At Bay 146.
On March 28. At 9 pm