Mother's Day songs: How Taylor Swift, Spice Girls and others showered love on their moms

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There’s nothing quite like the bond between mothers and their kids. The occasion calls for a celebratory
moment with the best possible gesture one can put together as an experience for their mom.

Some of the biggest international music artists have paid homage to their mothers by creating and dedicating music for their moms in their respective albums.

Vh1 celebrates this day with these heart-warming songs by top artistes, including Taylor Swift, Kanye West, The Spice Girls and more.
This Mother’s Day, whether you’re with your mom or away, tune in to Vh1, crank up the volume and get ready for the bawl-fest…

‘The Best Day’ by Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift wrote a beautiful song – The Best Day, which she dedicated to her mom and released in her sophomore album. Planned as a surprise, the song opens up about Swift counting on her mother when no one else was around. Her childhood memories, mother’s warmth and love are all gorgeously captured in the lyrics of the song.
‘Let it be’ by The Beatles
One of the most timeless Beatles track, Let it be was inspired by Paul’s late mother, Mary. Stirred by a dream of his mom, Paul wrote a song about how life works itself out if we just Let it be. Mary always advised her son to ‘Let it be’ when it came to challenges and troubles in life. The song captures a mother’s unconditional support and strength for her son in the most beautiful way.
‘Only One’ by Kanye West 
Only One is Kanye West’s touching tribute to his beloved mom Donda, who passed away in 2007. Kanye took a lot of creative inspiration from his mother, and the result was him creating the song Only One, which is a message sung to his daughter North from her late granny’s perspective.
‘Mama’ by The Spice Girls
Mothers have always served as an inspiration for a plethora of pop tracks, one of them being The Spice Girls’ song Mama. The song elaborates on how kids are rebellious to their moms during their teenage, and as they grow old, they realise it was for their good. During the writing process, each member wrote a small verse in a different corner of the recording studio, while the chorus was finished around the piano with a guitar.
‘Oh Mother’ by Christina Aguilera
It’s not always about the happy moments cherished, there are some songs that bring out personal life challenges and issues. The same goes for Aguilera’s song Oh Mother, where the singer takes us through the story of her mother’s abusive relationship with her father, how she came out of it and how the siblings emerged stronger as individuals, and promised to support their mother no matter what. It’s a song that touches your heart.
Catch all these and many more mommy tunes only on Vh1 Mother’s Day special segment on Sunday, May 13 between noon and 1 pm, with a repeat telecast at 5 pm.