Listen to Motherjane’s new single Namaste

author_img   |   Published :   |  09th May 2018 07:00 PM


One of Kerala’s veteran rock outfits, Motherjane is back with a single. The 22-year-old band’s new release after a hiatus of three years is the track Namaste and notice how we’re stressing on the word ‘new’. They seem to be shedding the hangover of the earlier sound which relied heavily on the Carnatic guitaring of Baiju Dharmajan. While the previous single Clay Play still retained Carnatic elements, Namaste (described as a love song for all humanity) incorporates an atmospheric and pleasant tone. The addition of the new vocalist Niranj Suresh also reflects in the 4:12-minute song produced by ex-member and Avial’s guitarist Rex Vijayan. The video premiered on YouTube also features contemporary choreography by Thiruvananthapuram-based Ullas Mohan and Bhoomi JN.

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