IndoSoul on making music, their forthcoming album and more

author_img Abraham George Published :  24th May 2018 03:12 PM   |   Published :   |  24th May 2018 03:12 PM

What defines the music of the soul? Is it the genre, the rhythm, the instruments or the vocalists' timbre? Or is it something that can strike up an emotional connect with our soul? Karthick Iyer has been been trying to find the answer to this question throughout his musical journey. IndoSoul is a project that takes you through the conversation between the voices of an electric violin, a mridangam, a guitar, a bass, the drums and vocals. The band takes great effort in collaborating with diverse musicians and bands to break down the barriers between genres, cultures and language.

The band consists of musicians from diverse musical backgrounds - Vikram Vivekanand on the guitar, Reshwin Nishith on bass, Ramkumar Kanakarajan on drums, Sumesh Narayanan on the mridangam and percussion, and Karthick Iyer on violin and vocals. The band has many influences that range from The Beatles and Michael Jackson to Dream Theatre.

IndoSoul plays music that can only be defined as music for the soul. The band have been performing together for almost six years. They explore different tonal plains as they play around with Indian ragas. Reshwin, the band’s bassist says, “It’s challenging to play Indian classical on the bass; I came from a Western background, therefore, I try to relate the ragas with Western music as much as possible. I usually think of modes while playing.” The band members unanimously agree that the violin and mridangam are the highlights of the band.

The band have been on two tours abroad, till date. Karthick Iyer says “Our music is well received abroad. People usually don’t expect to listen to Indian music in a Western setting. For most foreigners, the only familiar elements in our music are the guitars, drums and bass. To them, Indian music is spiritual. They connect it with yoga. So, IndoSoul is a completely unique experience for them”.

IndoSoul’s last album The Pallavi Shift came out in 2017. They have released one single from their latest album (Two Sides Of Karma) called “Kuyilai Polave”. The band said it was fun working on the album. “We lock ourselves in the jam room for four days, and after a while, we get a seed of an idea; which we expand upon the next day,” says Vikram, the band’s guitarist. Ramkumar, the drummer of the band says “Everyone brings in their own style into the music we play.” The band said it worked with a very open framework while approaching their music whether it was composing or arranging. “We have a very organic approach when it comes to songwriting; it’s incredible to see how a seemingly pop idea turns into a prog-rock number” says Vikram.

It is justified to say that IndoSoul performs what the soul speaks. The album, Two Sides Of Karma, talks about the Indian concept of Karma, where a man has to tread upon a path that is already fixed for him; a never ending and tiring cycle between good and bad. The album incorporates all of IndoSoul’s elements that make them a versatile band. The album is expected to come out by the month of July, this year.