Watch: Yung Raja drops a new single and music video, Mad Blessings

The Singapore-based rapper and singer showcases his bilingual English-Tamil flow in the track 
Yung Raja
Yung Raja

Singaporean rapper and singer, Yung Raja is back with a joyous new single and music video, Mad Blessings. The single is a celebration of life by the breakthrough artiste who has created waves as a rapper, songwriter, and actor. Since his emergence as a rapper, Raja has been dubbed as hip-hop’s next avant-garde bilingual artiste.

Showcasing his bilingual English-Tamil flow, the number is a loud and proud celebration of heritage and identity. The song is described as an homage not only to Raja’s upbringing but to all the roads his ancestors have travelled to cement his identity as a South East Asian citizen of the world. “With Mad Blessings I really wanted to give everyone a peek into the gratitude I have for everything amassed in this life -- experiences both good and bad. I hope this single can shine a light on listeners, especially when we’re living in times where things are often taken for granted,“ says the artiste. 

The music video, directed by Jasper Tan of Vadbibes, shows Raja’s happiness, gratitude and charisma. Amidst colourful scenes with his actual mother and father, Raja rejoices about how thankful he is to be at this point of his life.

Raja found viral success in Malaysia and Singapore with his debut single Mustafa. Born and brought up in Singapore, Raja aims to inspire the next generation of cultural conservators, and elevate Southeast Asian hip-hop to world class stages through his music.

Watch the video here:

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