Hyderabad-based hardcore/crossover thrash band R.A.I.D to play debut gig in Kerala

The quartet recently released their sophomore LP, Imperium

Jose Joy Published :  12th July 2019 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  12th July 2019 06:00 AM


Positive mental attitude. Something that a layman would never associate with aggressive musical styles like hardcore punk or thrash metal. Hyderabad-based R.A.I.D (an abbreviation for Rueban And the Imperium Division) would pleasantly alter this belief with their ideology.

“A faction of hardcore punk including pioneering bands like Bad Brains entertained an ethic of positivity in their lyrics. We believe in this approach and enhance it by drawing on biblical stories from the new testament which offer a motivational edge,” says founder Rueban Issac. The four-piece act—also consisting of Abishek Allapanda, Sam Jaba and Bobbin Jaydev—which has garnered positive responses from the international music community for a hardcore/crossover thrash style is set to perform their debut show in Kerala. 

Old-school charm
While new-age metal using technical skills has become a staple around the country, R.A.I.D has a different approach to creating their own sound. “Our style is heavily inspired by New York hardcore bands like Madball and Agnostic Front. We don’t experiment with that sound dramatically to give it a new edge because we’re paying homage to those outfits,” informs the vocalist.

Despite sticking to a traditional sound with groove elements, they’ve released two albums—The Strong Survive (2018) and Imperium (2019)—on US-based company Rottweiler Records since their formation in 2016.  Signing to the foreign label has brought their music to a new demographic, besides live shows in India which help them reach out to music enthusiasts in India. 

But, they’re often put on concert bills alongside death metal bands as India has little to no hardcore music scene. “We fit better alongside thrash metal bands like Amorphia. The lineup at our debut show in Kochi at Appetite for Destruction makes sense that way,” he says.

Kochi’s audience will get a taste of their old tracks like Soul Of A Lion and Detonate alongside latest ones including Unbreakable and Outrage. R.A.I.D will take to the stage with Cherthala-based Amorphia and Thiruvananthapuram’s progressive thrashers Aerial Machine alongside Kochi’s own hard rock/heavy metal outfits Rocazaurus and Chronical Crust.

From 5 pm on July 13.
At Nosh Haus, Aluva.