In conversation with Aerate Sound ahead of the Consolidate Takeover gig in Bengaluru

The duo, made of Joe Panicker and Naquash V, are known for their video art and visual experiments

Anagha M Published :  18th June 2019 08:55 PM   |   Published :   |  18th June 2019 08:55 PM

Aerate Sound

“We wanted to move away a little bit from our usual approach,” says Joe Panicker, one half of the Bengaluru-based Aerate Sound, about their new music. The duo, known for their video art and visual experiments, released their latest, Reclamation Song recently. The track was also part of French label Nowadays and Mixtape’s Around the World: India by Mixtape compilation. The duo plays live this weekend as part of the Consolidate Takeover event at B Flat. The gig, by the city-based record label and collective Consolidate, will also have Aniruddh Menon and Pardafash performing their music.  

Reclamation Song is tenth song we made since the release of our nine-track debut in 2017. We wanted to move away a little bit from our usual approach, so I made a melody out of a vocoder,” Joe tells us. “Also I was super inspired by the kind of work our fellow Consolidate member Disco Puppet was doing. And we are super happy it’s in the records compilation along with some amazing tracks,” he adds. 

It’s been two years since the release of their debut, Only For External, and Joe feels a lot of things have changed and their sound has evolved. “Feels like we will move toward a little more ambient and dancier tracks,” he reveals about the direction their music is taking.


A shot from the video of Mages

The band also released a video for their song, Mages, earlier this year. The video touches various familiar themes yet it makes the viewer’s imagination wander a bit. Joe says, “We were really happy about the support we got from the community upon the release. It would not have been possible without the incredible work from the whole team at the Eleven Element Studios.” 

At the upcoming gig, fans can expect a live set with a lot of new tracks and some brand new visuals. Up next, the duo is currently we are working on their new album/ EP. Although Joe can’t say when exactly they will be able to put it out, “but it is coming,” he confirms. “In the meantime we want to focus on our live set and get it to an evolved space with sound and visuals working together on stage,” he signs off.

Rs 300. June 23, 8 pm. At B Flat, Indira Nagar