British act Dronningen talks about dancing and electro-rock music before India debut

The duo calls themselves an electro-rock assault squad

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The future is contamination. London-based band Dronningen (meaning Queen in Norwegian) explains their blending of electronic and rock music with this formula. Their uptempo tunes are quite danceable causing crowds to kick up dust as they take to the stage. Calling themselves an ‘electro-rock assault squad’, they’ve launched two EPs namely Royal Riot (2016) and Sugarbox (2017) despite multiple lineup changes, and have been featured on outlets such as BBC and Kerrang!.

After touring extensively and performing at festivals including Live at Heart in Sweden, and London Comic-Con 2016, they’re hitting India for the first time. Vocalist and guitarist Beatrice Bonnano speaks to us about their music before they go live at Indiegaga International Music & Arts Festival this weekend. 

Could you tell us about the inspiration you drew from to create your brand of music?
Our music style is a reflection of our passion for both rock and electronic music. Unlike some people, we think these distant worlds can coexist and complement one another. We grew up listening to classic stuff like Jimi Hendrix and Dead Kennedys, but also electronic artistes such as Nine Inch Nails and The Prodigy. Actually, let me just add a few more: Foo Fighters, Madonna and Primal Scream.      

The band has had multiple lineup changes since its inception. Has this affected the sound of the project?
Over the years, there have been different line ups with members from different countries and this made the whole journey very interesting. The current line-up is Vito Cerasia  (guitar and backing vocals) and me. Also, we are lucky to have a great session drummer for this event: Alberto Voglino from the band Los Padres. And yes, all these changes have affected our sound. For example, we don’t have a bass guitar. So, we use a sub-bass and this allows us to reach very low frequencies; a club-like sound. That is something we could not do before.   

Dronningen on stage

You’re all for positivity in music. How do you execute this in the making of your songs?
The birth of a song is never peaceful and quiet. It comes from struggle, chaos and personal experiences. What we are looking for is a catharsis and that is a positive thing.

Can you please explain the concept of dance as a purifying ritual?
We believe that there is an ancient instinct common to all human beings—dance. By “purifying ritual” we mean this collective experience: us and the crowd. It is about releasing our energy and celebrating life.

What are the touring and recording plans scheduled for 2019?
We have a couple of gigs in London in April and June. As for the recordings, we are working on the next singles with the help of an amazing new producer. We can’t wait to share the new material and also produce some videos to promote it.  

What songs will be on your setlist in Kochi?
 No spoilers, but expect something not available online yet.     

On March 9, from 3 pm.
At Bolgatty Palace.



  • Sylvio

    Dronningen is an amazing band! Their music is so powerful and I also love the lyrics of their songs. I also love to see their music videos and I can't wait to see them live on stage!
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