'I am a recognised name now, doesn't mean I'll forget my roots': DIVINE

The rapper talks to Indulge about his association with Budweiser's Be A King Movement.

author_img Arif Anees Published :  13th May 2019 10:37 PM   |   Published :   |  13th May 2019 10:37 PM


Vivian Fernandes, better known by his stage name DIVINE, is an Indian rapper from Mumbai. This desi rapper rose from the Indian suburbs, rolling off words that flowed from someplace deep within, searching for an identity. Growing up amongst the pits of Mumbai is perhaps what sharpened the best of him. Inspired by artistes like Lecrae, Eminem and 50 Cent, DIVINE was sucked into the world of rap at the age of 11. The artiste talks to Indulge about his association with Budweiser's Be A King Movement.

 How do you keep the “Gully” in you now that you have become a name famous in the nation?
The gully is where I am from…Just because I am now a recognisable name and face doesn’t
mean that I will forget my roots. The gully is a part of me, it’s where I grew up.

What's your music making process like? 
I write about what I feel, what I see around me. There are a lot of rappers who I look up to like Big Pun, Big L, Rakim and KRS-One.

What role do you think an artist plays in changing society?
I think art plays a very important role. Art holds up a mirror to how we are, how we think, and artists are often the conscience of society.

Can you name some specific instances that have been cathartic in your life?
I think when I realised that hip-hop was something I was good at, and when I could support my mother and realise the dreams that she saw for me.

How do you identify with Budweiser's new campaign “Be A King"?
Budweiser has always believed in the new generation, who play by their own beat and there is a genuine sense of pride to be associated with brands that truly feel and believe what you believe.