We speak to rappers Kaam Bhaari and SlowCheeta about their new song for the Venom TV premiere

The song has been released in association with Ranveer Singh’s Ink Inc record label and &flix

Anagha M Published :  28th May 2019 03:19 PM   |   Published :   |  28th May 2019 03:19 PM

Kaam Bhaari and SlowCheeta

Tom Hardy-starrer superhero movie Venom premieres on the channel &flix and rappers Kaam Bhaari and SlowCheeta launch a single Venom in My Veins, for the occasion. The song is about how each one of us has a dark side and has been released in association with Ranveer Singh’s Ink Inc record label. Kaam Bhaari first became popular with his track Kandivali 101, while SlowCheeta is known for Bollywood tracks like Dhai Kilo Bakwaas and Kripya Dhyaan De. 

We speak to the Mumbai-based rappers, who were both part of Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy, about the new track and their work with Ranveer Singh: 

Are you guys fans of the comic character and the movie?
Kaam Bhaari: I do love the character Venom, I have always been a fan of Tom Hardy. Love the fact that he is not an ordinary superhero, he is an anti-hero which makes him my favourite. His idea of justice is absolutely wonderful, out of the world, and of course evil. When I got the opportunity to create a Venom anthem, especially for India, I jumped on the opportunity and decided I would want to be part of this project. The fact that Eminem, who has always been my idol, has worked on the actual OST track of the movie, it just motivated me more to work towards it. I was damn stunned for a while I even after took a decision. The character, the movie is something which was similar to the songs I have written in the past as it talks about embracing your dark side. It was great fun to work with such an amazing team!

SlowCheeta: Always been a big fan of Venom, the character makes so much sense to have in today’s world. Venom is an interesting anti-hero, a very rare, not much a good saviour. He is more real, relatable and more human. I am excited to be a part of this project.

What kind of research went into making the track?
KB: The initial verse I wrote was inspired by Venom, I wanted to depict the thoughts that must run through his mind. But then, as I dove deeper into writing the lyrics, I started relating the character to my life, or rather I dove deep into my life and tried to find what I had in common with the character and wrote the verse. Through the journey of putting the Venom Anthem together I realised it just takes perception to change things, it does not matter how dark they are.

SC:  We knew a general concept, a basic theme which talks about the dark side within you. The hook line is #VenomInMyVeins, it revolves around the thought that everyone has a side they have always kept away from the world. We always run away from the same, but the real deal is to accept it and make it your strength. We really got a chance to explore a lot of areas on the beach which were abandoned while shooting for the song. We got a chance to explore the darkness, the problems, the reality, societal conditions, and everyone has that side. Everyone faces problems, fears and issues, not all of us are about being happy and joyous so we got to explore that part which is great.

How would you describe the track?
KB: I loved the flow of the track. It is smooth. SlowCheeta and I have worked really hard on the track, off and on air. The shoot location was surreal and perfect for a song like this. The shoot went on to 12 hours out of which nine hours were full of pure workout and running on sand. Making us run on treadmills, sack races, all of these was a part of the video and it took all our energies out. It was tough, but the culmination of the track ended up being a great one.

SC: Shikhar and Anusha Manchanda have produced this track and I feel they have done a fabulous job in creating this track which gives the exact feel of #VenomInMyVeins. Then, of course, I got a chance to work with KaamBhaari, and I love him. He is one of my favourite rappers in the country, this is something right up his alley and he has done a fabulous job! 

How was it working with Ranveer and Zoya in Gully Boy?
KB: It was a privilege to be a part of the movie and it was something unreal, I never dreamt of getting such a huge opportunity to work with Ranveer Singh. It was amazing, Zoya Akhtar’s work uplifted the entire hip-hop culture without disturbing its rawness and realness of the tradition. It seems like Ranveer Singh has pushed the rap scene and motivated us to bring out the best.

SC: It still takes me a minute every time someone mentions Gully Boy. When I am offered a part, usually I read the script and try to understand if I fit in there, but with Gully Boy, it was just me jumping over and agreeing to do the movie. It was an amazing feeling, Zoya Akhtar is the best captain on the ship. Ranveer Singh, I can just go on and on, and probably the interview will never end. One thing I will cherish is the scene where Ranveer chokes in one of the battles with me. To be like dismissive towards someone who you admire was awkward for me, I was really worried because he was Ranveer Singh and because insulting him even if it is on screening was not really fun for me. I was surprised to know that how he could take everything. He stole the scene without even saying a word. My heart goes out to him, he is incredible.

Tell us about your association with Ink Inc?
SC: We knew that we became a family the moment when we all came together for a project along with Ranveer Singh. The team has been brilliant, and they are the best in every department. It has been a great feeling to be a part of it. It is a lot of work and a lot of play. No obstruction, no limitation, just do what you like is something which I always adored about Ink Inc.
Where do you think Indian hip-hop is headed?
KB: The rap scene was always beautiful. Gully Boy, the movie was just the icing on the cake which gave a major boost for the culture in India. Everyone has their own sacred zone, they all speak about their lives, the experiences, the whole struggle through their own set of words in their own comfortable way.

SC: The rap scene in India has been around for a long time. Gully Boy gave it the necessary attention. It was always growing and now after the movie, it is growing exponentially. It is never going to fall out of the popularity, it’s the language of the underdogs, the youth, It will never fade. I am enjoying this scene and really glad I am a part of this culture.

Watch the anthem here: