Music band Murphy's Paradox debuts with a soulful single, Dreams in Technicolour

Murphy’s Paradox, the new outfit led by Durjoy Choudhury, is out with a soulful debut single, Dreams in Technicolour  
Arka and Budhaprabha
Arka and Budhaprabha

 Inspired  by the paradox of Murphy’s Law, which states that ‘anything that can go wrong will go wrong’, and a Facebook pseudonym, Dur joy Choudhury appropriated the name Murphy’s Paradox for his new band. With Arka Chatterjee on drums, Budhaprabha Roy on bass and Abhibroto Mitra on guitar, the band announced their presence with the soulful and stirring single, Dreams in Technicolour. After Rahul Guha Roy of Cassini’s Division, Durjoy’s name comes instantly to mind for his prolific songwriting, with his material that easily stands out among others in Kolkata. 

<em>Durjoy Choudhury</em>
Durjoy Choudhury

This could signal a comeback, after his six-year-old band Bee & the Buskers released their only EP, Epilogue, post-breakup in 2016. Though he kept up his solo acts in the scene, his leanings towards entrepreneurship with Friday Night Originals (FNO) found him paying less attention to music. A part of A432 Productions, the FNO sessions began in sound engineer Abhibroto’s apartment, in March 2016. The aim was to record and shoot videos of original songs by independent artistes and air them on YouTube, providing a platform for original music to stay alive. Season 2 saw it shift to Studio Outboard. Now, it has graduated to recording at Blooper House Studios, with the fifth season in the pipeline, besides branching out to other cities and countries — Melbourne in Australia, Chiang Mai in Thailand, and Mumbai, each with a separate series of its own. 

<em>Budhaprabha Roy</em>
Budhaprabha Roy

Plans are also being made to gain inroads into Johannesburg, Dhaka and Pondicherry as well. “There are a few gigs lined up next month for Murphy’s Paradox, including the World Music Day concert at Gateway Hotel. As of now, my plans are to play music and expand FNO internationally as there is no funding here,” says Durjoy, who claims to have written over 100 original songs — most of which he might never play, as he finds them immature now. Dreams in Technicolour, which illustrates the age-old adage of being left behind by a lover, will be a part of a later album. As of now, an eponymous five-song debut EP is at the stage of mixing, scheduled to be released in June. 

<em>Arka Chatterjee</em>
Arka Chatterjee

“The EP has four new songs. It’s a concept album with the overarching theme of love. It’s a cycle: the first song describes a meeting of lovers, and the last song is the end of the relationship,” explains Durjoy. Durjoy also works at a company to sustain FNO and its mission. He hopes that regular gigs might also add to his coffers. Going by the standard set by their single, Murphy’s Paradox will definitely go on to win hearts of music lovers, besides earning a place at various venues across the city.

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