Legendary Gypsy rock stars Chico & the Gypsies discuss their upcoming Indian performance

The French group does have an Indian connect!

Anoop Menon Published :  08th November 2019 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  08th November 2019 07:00 AM


The French sextet, led by Chico Bouchikhi, has championed genres like rumba Catalana and Latin pop/rock for over 30 years. Though their high-octane, party-starter tunes are of European origin, the band behind chart-toppers like Bamboleo, do have an Indian connect. 

“We’ve already recorded a duet on one of our albums with Rajasthani singer, Gulabi Sapera,” explains Chico, adding, “I even invited her to perform at a music festival in our home town, Arles.”

Chico, who also founded the Gipsy Kings answers some of our questions before their upcoming Indian performance.

What characterises the act’s musical philosophy?
Our music is Gipsy rock. It is a mix of traditional flamenco music with the rock energy that we put in our compositions and in the titles, we take back.

 If attendees at Mahindra Open Drive, want a teaser of what to expect (musically) and could listen to just one of your original productions—which track would you suggest they listen to and why?
 -They could listen to Bamboleo which is the iconic and festive title that I co-wrote and co-composed. It's a call to party and sharing.

 Your outfit has been part of the World beat/Contemporary flamenco scene for decades. How was the music circuit evolved?
 -We're pretty much part of the Gypsy Word music scene. We are fortunate to have had success for over thirty years. It is true that music has evolved and is constantly enriched by new inspirations which make it endless happiness.

Do you have any new album plans or could you highlight some of your upcoming musical projects?
 -We have at the end of November, a Best Of album that will be released by Sony Music and an album of creations that is ready and will be released in 2020.

Catch them live at Mahindra Open Drive in Goa, this weekend.