Zaeden turns singer-songwriter with his new song, Tere Bina 

The artiste talks to us about the shift and a possible career in Bollywood

author_img Ana M Published :  19th November 2019 03:33 PM   |   Published :   |  19th November 2019 03:33 PM


Sahil Sharma aka Zaeden may be popular for his high energy dance music in the festival circuit, but the DJ turns singer-songwriter with the song, Tere Bina. The romantic ballad is a collaboration with actress Amyra Dastur. We speak to the Delhi-based musician the shift from behind the console, and a possible career in Bollywood.

Tell us about the song. What are some of the themes?
The song is about falling in love at first sight during a lonely phase of your life. It shines light on the moments you share and cherish with your lover. The song is crafted in a way that depicts a reminiscing story of a couple who is charmed and deeply in love with each other.

How was the shift to becoming a singer-songwriter?
It's challenging, the ways and functions of being a singer is completely different to being a DJ/producer and the processes are also different. I am fairly new and learning but it's a rewarding process. I am learning and growing and it's fulfilling. I hope this reflects in the music I make in the future.

Were there any challenges?
Like I mentioned, switching genres is challenging. There was a different kind of pressure to make sure the debut track looked and sounded a way that I had envisioned. And after a string of date changes and location changes the final version was exactly what I had envisioned and a hard-working amazing team helped me execute it. 

What are the projects you are working on now?
Some really exciting stuff is lined post the release of Tere Bina. My live set is one the most exciting project I'm currently experimenting with and besides that I am working on some new tracks as well. The plan is to make more exciting new music. I also want to collaborate with some artists and both nationally and internationally and make great music.

Is Bollywood music on the cards for you next?
I've grown up listening to Bollywood music and I enjoy it a lot. Maybe if a project comes across and suits my musical sensibilities, I might as well do some Bollywood music.