U Rajesh on his upcoming Chennai performance and new single with Sivamani

The eminent musician will perform at Phoenix MarketCity tomorrow along with Carnatic 2.0

Karan Pillai Published :  24th October 2019 05:46 PM   |   Published :   |  24th October 2019 05:46 PM
U Rajesh

U Rajesh

How did this collaboration with Flute Naveen and the other four musicians happen?

The whole collaboration came about when Exodus asked for a new-age fusion group. Hence we decided to bring in Flute Naveen into our group. He is one of the most talented flautists around. Besides him, we have other wonderful artistes like  Aalaap Raju, and Harmeet Mansetais, who is like the pioneer in jazz music. We also have the young and talented prodigy, drummer Stephen Samuel Devassy, and Krishna Kishore on tabla. So it’s a very unique band because everybody comes from a different genre. 

Take us through your process of making music together? How did you overcome differences in style and approach?  

It is a very interesting challenge to bring in different styles - the flute is a wind instrument, while mandolin is a string instrument. Music is a language of the heart and we all come to a place where we connect to each other.  

When inspires you both to make new music?

Actually, we get inspired by each other. After all, it’s all about teamwork.


Tell us more about your upcoming performance in Chennai. What kind of music or songs can we expect?  

We are really excited and are looking forward to playing at Phoenix MarketCity. We will present some jazz standards and ofcourse some Carnatic songs with the music of these wonderful artistes.  

What are your thoughts on the other group for the night - Carnatic 2.0?

They are an amazing band and have talented musicians. I am really looking forward to meeting them too. 

Do you have any upcoming album or tracks in the works? If yes, how different will it be from your previous work? Any collaborations to expect?

I am working on a new single with the legendary drummer Sivamani ji, and it will be released in a month’s time.


At Phoenix MarketCity. October 25.