Corona special: Composer Bickram Ghosh's Out of the Box sounds refreshingly positive 

Tabla maestro and composer Bickram Ghosh comes up with Out of the Box to do away with the lockdown boredom
Out of Box Series by Bickram Ghosh
Out of Box Series by Bickram Ghosh

Percussion Guru Bickram Ghosh has come with a series Out of the Box featuring short percussion performances on his Facebook page, to keep music lovers happy during this lockdown period. The series is being shot by his wife, Jaya Seal Ghosh,  an acclaimed Odisi danseuse herself.

Interesting concepts intertwining traditional tabla play as a thumb stopper on 9 beats in Indian Classical Tabla, or a composition in 9 beats that uses a stroke sounding like a temple bell and seems like a bird in flight, showcasing his virtuoso skills of an insight into how Shakespeare is so integral to Indian rhythm, making rhythm on every available space or surface or even displaying his acting talent enacting the roles of twins, two Bickrams, while battling it out on percussion instruments. 

<em>Bickram Ghosh</em>
Bickram Ghosh

The series has been attracting major eyeballs, inspiring the percussionist and tabla maestro to do some more such interesting projects.

Bickram says, "I tend to always look at the lighter side of things, no matter how grim times turn and however thin a shimmer it might be; 1,584,490  COVID-19 cases worldwide as we speak, but  348,468  recoveries as well, as on this day. I'm in quarantine and I hope you all are. While so, I have decided to take this time doing stuff that in some way or the other breaks the norm, simply put, something out of the box," tells Bickram.

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