Electronic duo Nothing Anonymous's new track Waste Away deals with loneliness and isolation

Accompanied by the duo’s first music video, Waste Away captures the struggle of dealing with addiction
Nothing Anonymous
Nothing Anonymous

After enthralling their audience with multiple immersive live music shows, Mumbai-based electronic duo Nothing Anonymous is launching a brand new track Waste Away in their first collaboration with Artist Originals (AO).

The song captures the struggle of dealing with addictions and of being stuck in unhealthy cycles. 

Nothing Anonymous, an electro-pop venture by vocalist Ambika Nayak and producer/multi-instrumentalist Nirmit Shah features unique musical styles woven together with immersive song-writing. Their music touches upon different emotions while traversing multiple genres often within the course of a single song.

<em>Artwork of Waste Away by Nothing Anonymous</em>
Artwork of Waste Away by Nothing Anonymous

The live duo has performed at several festivals including SulaFest, NH7 Weekender Pune, Echoes of Earth, and Vh1 Supersonic Pune, all within the first year of inception. Their live set ranges between being ambient, dreamy and emotional in one bit, to intense, groovy and high energy in the other. They seamlessly blend influences such as jazz, pop, R&B, Neo Soul and hip-hop into their electronic set.

Their latest release, Waste Away, speaks of an experience of being caught in a never-ending cycle of internal struggle. A struggle that often leads to loneliness and exhaustion. Coincidentally, the pandemic and resulting lockdown have forced countless people across the country into similar experiences of loneliness and isolation.

<em>Nothing Anonymous</em>
Nothing Anonymous

Many find themselves stuck in less than ideal situations. They face their anxieties and addictions without help, and often end up experiencing harsher consequences than they would have in normal conditions.“This is our first music video and Waste Away holds a very intense meaning and we are quite thrilled with the way Richie has created the video. He has beautifully captured the vibe of the song in a Hogarth-inspired, freeze frame narrative,” says the duo.

Conceptualised by director Richard Wyndham, the music video of Waste Away featuring the singer herself, portrays the feeling of being stuck in a loop, trying to fight it, and losing multiple battles within that period. Though it speaks of seemingly insurmountable problems, the song closes on a positive note of hope and grit.

To watch the video click here.

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