Rapper MC Altaf urges organisers to play up in his latest track Cash Do

MC Altaf's latest track Cash Do talks about non-payment in the industry  
MC Altaf
MC Altaf

In his latest track Cash Do, MC Altaf is upfront and raises a very pertinent issue. Without mincing any word, the Mumbai-based rapper urges organisers to play up for their performances. The issue of non-payment for performance in the industry is close to his heart and quite relatable with upcoming artistes. Produced by Emmy award-winning multi-instrumentalist Aakash, the track has a new-age vibe and the rapper plans some new surprises in the coming months. Excerpts:  

What convinced you to release Cash Do?

In the music industry, upcoming artistes are not paid appropriately for their talent and efforts. An artiste spends a lot of time in the studio to make music but if he/she is asked to perform for free, that's demotivating. In this track, I am a voice that has raised that concern. It's a message to Brands/Promoters/Labels to pay the artiste right. It’s only when the artists make money, they will be able to invest in their music/videos, which would help them to grow.

Tell us more about the song in terms of its music?

I wanted to explore a new style as a lot of my old tracks have an old school vibe. Aakash is a very skilled and capable music producer who has global expertise. He has been working on producing trap beats which a lot of youths listen to. One day when Aakash and I were jamming at home., we created this unique style trap beat. I fell in love with this beat and started rapping and spitting bars. Aakash arranged the entire track and it turned out to be a banger.

How have you evolved as an artiste over the years?

My journey as an artiste has been adventurous. I started rapping and making hits since 2018. I have collaborated with known artistes like D'Evil/Loca, got featured in the movie Gully Boy in the year 2019 and also signed DIVINE’s independent venture Gully Gang Entertainment and contributed to the track "GG. Cypher Vol.2". Early this year, I contributed to tracks titled Brinks, Alag hai Disha and Flavours in the Shutdown EP in 2020.

What's next after this?

I have been writing a lot while I'm at home and also music producers have been sending their beats. Now, from the time lockdown has eased, I have been hitting the studio to complete my pending tracks. I am going to surprise my fans with mind-blowing collaborations with some excellent artiste and a lot of new releases with Gully Gang records and Dharavi United.

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