Yashraj Mehra releases debut EP, delivers songs themed on freedom

Heavily influenced by Childish Gambino's music, the singer has earlier performed with Zaeden and Lost Stories

author_img K Pillai Published :  10th April 2020 04:25 PM   |   Published :   |  10th April 2020 04:25 PM
Yashraj Mehra

Yashraj Mehra

20-year-old Yashraj Mehra released his debut EP, Azaad Hu Mein, that comprises three heart-wrenching songs, Azaad Hu Mein, Sote Raho, and Kaise Badlenge? The theme of the EP revolves around resolving inner conflicts, in order to fight the world in any given situation.

“Azaad Hu Mein is a very personal project as I shed light on a number of instances and situations I’ve faced mentally and emotionally in my own life. I have portrayed them with some of the most unfamiliar yet familiar sounds. I have kept the lyrics simple that justify my message”, Yashraj says, while talking about the album. 

Inspired by Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino’s creative intellectuality, Yashraj inspires him to do more and not restrict himself to one specific creative field. According to him, the same narratives get monotonous and he believes it’s his duty to not let that happen and not stick to a cookie-cutter formula.

Talking further about his EP, he added “The word Azaad is impactful enough to portray an entire country’s freedom struggle but also articulate enough to describe what goes on in the mind of a middle-class boy who wants his art to be his voice”

His tracks have garnered appreciation from artists like DJ Marshmello, DIVINE, Lost Stories, Zaeden, Ritviz and more.  He has even collaborated with Zaeden and Lost Stories for a remix of Tere Bina and performed along with them at festivals like Vh1 Supersonic and IIT Mood Indigo.

Stream or download the album at https://ffm.to/azaadhumein