Lockdown: What if this was our life from now on? Chennai singer Shilpa Natarajan asks in a new, thought-provoking single

The song and music video releases on YouTube, on April 21

Sonali Shenoy Published :  19th April 2020 12:28 AM   |   Published :   |  19th April 2020 12:28 AM

'What if this is our life from now on?' This is the thought that inspired Chennai-based singer Shilpa Natarajan's new single 'Lockdown' that is slated to release on April 21.

The 32-year-old who you might already know from songs like Dirty Little Secret and the band Beef Sappad Trio, told us, the idea was triggered by a bunch of push notifications which she received on her phone, while taking a breaking from her online music classes. "I was started getting stuff like 'Things will never be the same' and 'Working from home is the future' and 'Black Mirror 3.0' messages, which got me thinking," she recalls. And from there, things moved fairly quickly. The lyrics, we are told, took all of five minutes to write. And then, Shilpa goes on,"It took a day for Naveen Samson Benjamin to produce and mix the song."

As for creating a music video, while under a nation-wide lockdown - this was definitely a bit more complicated. Working under constraints like limited space, equipment and lighting was perhaps, the easy part. For the shooting of the video, Shilpa relied on instructions from friends over a video call as to how to frame and set up a shot. The singer recalls,"I got our friends and neighbours Sumia Roy and Dani Raymond to brief me about a DIY video over Skype and they said yes, to help out with editing and putting the video together, while my husband, Arun Mukkath turned camera man." With no backup dancers or actors available on hire - Shilpa decided to debut her cats Matku and Soju, who feature in the video alongside her.

Lockdown drops on April 21, the song will be available on YouTube and all digital stores.