Get on board a fun ride with Armaan Malik and Nikhita Gandhi with their new track Beech Raste  

Beech Raaste featuring Armaan Malik and Nikhita Gandhi’s animated version will take you on a fun ride

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  07th August 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  07th August 2020 12:00 AM

Armaan Malik

In his latest song Beech Raaste, singer Armaan Malik is seen in an animated avatar Ady going on a magical ride with co-singer Nikhita Gandhi aka Ada. Composed by Salim-Sulaiman, under the new record label Merchant Records, the song has a fun vibe. Malik, who has already released three songs during the lockdown – Control, Zara Thehro and Next 2 Me, loves his animated identity with purple hair. The 25-year-old Mumbai-based multilingual singer, talks about the peppy dance number, contributing to independent music more and collaborating with international artistes in future. Excerpts:

The Memojis Ada and Ady in Beech Raaste’s music video are funky. Tell us more about them.

We always wanted to do something different with this song and the main reason for an animated video was the limitation on movement due to the lockdown. We were toying with the idea of either lyrical or animated video and finally Salim sir and the team agreed that the Memoji feature on the iPhone was pretty cool. I am excited how the entire video has shaped up. We want people to remember the song not just with its music or lyrics but also with the video.

Ady’s hair colour is purple in the video. Was that your choice?

Ady and Ada have some personality and they are not merely animated characters. They are two full-of-life millennials from a different planet. I love my character Ady with purple hair. I have been in love with the shade for quite some time now and I have used it in my other music videos. Nikitha’s character Ada sports a pop pink shade and it adds to the cool factor of the futuristic theme.

Tell us more about the song.

The song is about these two characters Ady and Ada who are pretty much bored at home, like us, and venture for a magical spin without caring about the destination. It’s a fun song that talks about letting it go and living in the moment. The song is quite relatable as none of us know where we are headed. All of us are travellers.

Tell us about your future projects.

There are lots of things on the anvil. This year will be more about singles and independent music, as release of most Bollywood films look uncertain at the moment. Also, there will be collaborations with international artistes soon and I am looking forward to it.