Rapper Shan Vincent de Paul addresses Tamil genocide in his new song, One Hundred Thousand Flowers

The rapper is working on his album, Made in Jaffna

author_img Ana M Published :  07th August 2020 04:09 PM   |   Published :   |  07th August 2020 04:09 PM

SVDP. Pic: Gajan Balan

Born in Sri-Lanka and based out of Toronto, rapper Shan Vincent de Paul, is working on his album, Made in Jaffna, and just dropped a single from it. Called One Hundred Thousand Flowers, the evocative and poignant number tackles the subject of Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka. It serves to be a reminder to the world that Tamils are still waiting for justice more than a decade after the Civil War (1983-2009) ended.  

The rapper had recently done a five-city tour and fans could not get enough of his hard-hitting rap. His videos are known for their strong visual aesthetic as this one is no different.

“This is easily the most important song of my life… I feel like I spent my life mastering my craft just so I can write something like this,” says the Jaffna-born rapper and director. “Our community still has so much healing to do and still dealing with the aftermath of the war.  There has been no justice or accountability for the genocide carried out against the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.  This song was a way for me to channel the frustration and anger of feeling ignored as a people, and hopefully raise awareness to what happened in Sri Lanka,” he adds.

Watch the video here: