Salil Jamdar’s Tere Jaane Se has the 90s' charm

author_img F Khatoon Published :  01st December 2020 06:25 PM   |   Published :   |  01st December 2020 06:25 PM

Salil Jamdar

Singer, songwriter and actor Salil Jamdar’s latest song Tere Jaane Se is a simple yet heart-touching tale of love blooming in the hills. Composed, written and produced by Agnel Roman, the song will take you on a five-day journey marked with love, laughter, longing and heartbreak. We got Salil, who has also written the story, screenplay and directed the video, engage in a casual chat about his new single. Excerpts:      

What was the idea behind the song?

The idea was to make a pure, melodious track that brings people back to the simplicity of the 90s, when the soul of the song was of utmost importance. The lyrics are simple yet deep; the tune is catchy. Through the video, I wanted to show a story that does justice to the innocence reflected in the music. I wanted people to re-experience the beauty of that naive, innocent first love, the feeling that transcends everything else. The ending is the most important. We all express outrage on social media when we hear of brutal incidents of rape and murder. But we do not know what a person closely attached to the victim feels like. In Tere Jaane Se, the guy loves the girl with god-like devotion. I think I have managed to make the viewer feel exactly what he is feeling at the end. Killing a rapist would just kill one. But changing their mindset is the way to go. With the song, I have tried to do that.

Tell us more about the song and its music. When was it conceptualized, inspiration etc?

The song is composed by my friend of 10 years, Agnel Roman. We used to live in a small apartment on the ground floor of a building in Goregaon, Mumbai and every night we used to make songs, but for some reason, they were never released. ‘Tere Jaane Se’ is the first song that we have finally released together. The first of many to come hopefully!

What else is happening beyond music?

I am a trained actor and a writer as well. I love how all of my capabilities come together when I make something. All of these things will always be closely connected to my work. Apart from music, I plan to make bigger fictional shows outside of YouTube in the near future, with me acting in them. I also have a few whacky ideas for my next 2-3 YouTube videos. I’ll always keep surprising, that’s for sure!

What's your next project/music release?

I and Agnel have just discussed the possibility of doing another song together. We have a few options and will soon narrow down on one!