Eashwar Subramanian on experimenting with ambient music in his new EP, Twinopia

Anagha M Published :  18th December 2020 12:05 AM   |   Published :   |  18th December 2020 12:05 AM

Eashwar Subramanian

CITY-BASED MUSICIAN Eashwar Subramanian has been at the forefront of ambient music in the country with albums such as Polar Drift and Random Hues. But with his new three-track EP, Twinopia, he’s pushing the envelope of the genre even further. It breaks some boundaries, but at the same time, has the tranquil quality that’s characteristic of ambient beats. 

“This EP deviates from the kind of music I have been putting out lately. The idea was to create something dreamy and upbeat,” Eashwar explains. Twinopia incorporates Indian classical music and plays with elements of jazz and lounge. It employs electronica beats, Carnatic ragas, flutes, violins and abstract piano melodies. The album also showcases the artiste’s worldbuilding skill. “The idea behind the album was to imagine an alternate reality — a planet or a universe — that’s filled with vividity, colour and joy. The songs are a musical interpretation of that alternative utopia,” Eashwar says. The name of the EP is a combination of the words twin and utopia. 

The three tracks in the EP are Metamorphic Raga, Wayfarer and Pianoman at the Sequencer. The first is a Carnatic fusion number with violins, flutes and jazz beats, and creates a dreamy soundscape. Wayfarer is a relaxed number with sounds of flowing water, “It could well be part of your playlist for relaxation,” the artiste adds. The last track is also the one that is most ambitious in its experimentation. Eashwar says it is what would happen if a pianist got their hands on a sequencer. “While I personally find the track to be the most inspiring and complex of the three on Twinopia, it could mean different things to different people,” he signs off.

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