Neil Nayak's debut track, Ek Khayal, is deeply inspired by personal experiences

author_img Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  18th December 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  18th December 2020 12:00 AM

Neil Nayak

His journey as a composer and music producer has been an eventful and exciting one, what with a great body of work in this short span of time. We are talking about the young musician Neil Nayak, who has worked with filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap and created the theme song for IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Nayak, who had also worked in the past with North American record label Mojear Records, just made a sparkling debut as an Indie musician with the catchy track Ek Khayal, that released a few days back. Sung by Varun Jain, the number is a trippy one, with a youthful uptempo rhythm of its own. We had a chat with the composer about the track and more. Excerpts:

Neil Nayak

This is your debut indie single. Tell us about the idea behind it.

Since this is my debut track as an independent artiste, my main aim was to produce the best music that I can. So, there was no specific idea as such but good music surely was one of the prime motivators behind this track and that will continue to be so in all my future projects.

What did you think of the composition?

For me, it is a mixture of fiction and some personal experiences. Without getting into intricate details, I can say that this idea had been lingering in my mind for quite a while and I’m glad it has finally come to fruition.

You are a well-known name in the music production circuit. Tell us about your experience and journey so far.

Starting from scratch is never easy in any field. I am incredibly grateful for every achievement of mine and also proud of every hurdle that I’ve faced in my journey. As they say — tough times don’t last, tough people, do. This circuit inadvertently makes you tough and thickskinned.

Neil Nayak

How prospective is the future for indie composers?

The indie genre is currently the backbone of commercial music. It is extremely promising and the fact that it is finally getting the recognition it long deserved fills me up with optimism for the future.

How do you plan to grow further?

I want to compose and produce more interesting music and to introduce new sounds in all spaces available.

Neil Nayak

What are your future independent and other projects?

We all know that the pandemic has been extremely detrimental to the whole world. I’m blessed to have numerous projects under my belt that include two indie songs — one for web series, two films, and a few advertising films to be more specific.

Any album or EP on the anvil?

Yes, I have a new album lined up for an early release next year.

Your favourite music genre and anyone, in particular, you want to collaborate with?

I love producing experimental music. I truly enjoy Amit Trivedi’s music. Each of his songs has such a soulful vibe to it that strikes the right chords.