DJ Mr Bose is ready for a whole new venture

City-based have come up with novel ways to keep themselves busy during the pandemic

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  25th December 2020 12:47 AM   |   Published :   |  25th December 2020 12:47 AM

DJ Mr Bose

Shiladitya Bose, who goes by the moniker Mr Bose, stands out for his sets which are new-age and outright experimental. He is one of the very few deejays in the country who melds the eclectic sound of EDM with Indian percussions and the long period of lull only gave him enough space to further explore his skillset. “It’s been a while I am mixing Indian classical elements in my live sets and I am learning each day since it‘s difficult to understand what kind of percussion goes with which kind of sound, especially when you are doing it on an electronic soundscape. Currently, I’m working on expanding my live project and the possibilities of an immersive and interactive experience,” tells us Bose, the son of tabla maestro Tanmay Bose.

Bose has been active on social media during the lockdown phase and firmly believes that online platforms hold a lot of promise for live performances. The spunky deejay who plays his exclusive sets at Malt and Someplace Else, tells us, “People usually mistake online concerts as a substitute to physical performances. I believe that it’s a completely new avenue that we have just discovered this year.” Though the lockdown affected the young artiste it could not diminish his soaring spirit and he found constructive ways to keep himself busy and motivated. “I actually sat myself down and learnt a few things which I’ve always wanted to. For instance, I took an active interest in gardening and that really taught me to be patient,” offers Bose, adding, “The main challenge was to get out of a music producer‘s block. I was always in touch with the clubs and my audience because we had to plan how to make an even stronger come back”.

Bose also took out time to start a new company called Cuddles Collective (CC) with his girlfriend to help mutts in distress. The owner of a Golden Retriever offers, “Pets play a huge role in my life. And helping the strays gives me a lot of satisfaction and happiness”. Though Bose concedes that it’s too early to predict the mega New Year party scene, he promises to create more interesting music and keep pushing the envelope