Kennedy Center of Performing Arts to provide music, theatre and dance lessons online

This is one of the many initiatives taken by performing arts companies from around the world to move to the online space to connect with their audience

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Dance lessons by the Kennedy Center

Dance lessons by the Kennedy Center

Signalling the changing trends in the field of performing arts, The Kennedy Center of Performing Arts, Washington DC, has excited patrons and enthusiasts by announcing a range of online lessons in the field of theatre, music and dance. 

Below is the list of various projects launched by the Center as a part of this campaign:


The Play at Home project is a collaboration between theatres from across the country as a response to the rapidly changing landscape of the performing arts during this global crisis. The mission of the initiative is simple: to continue to inspire joy and creativity through live theatre. 

As a part of this collaboration, the Kennedy Center has micro-commissioned theatre for young audiences, playwrights/creators, to write a short play or musical (ten minutes or less) which are now available for free download.

All plays are intended for families or small groups of people to perform together at home. Families can pick a play to produce from their living rooms and share it with the Center at #playathomeplays

Visit for more (including plays for grown-up actors!)


A wedding. Your prom. Or just a night on the town. You might as well face it, at some point you're going to have to dance. Check out their collection of Five(ish) Minute Dance Lessons that will teach the moves that will let you hit the dance floor looking like a pro. From the African Dinhe, to the East Coast Swing, Charleston, Salsa or Cha Cha Cha, they have got you covered. Click below and get your groove on!


Dance enthusiasts seeking a more high-intensity workout can opt for instructor-led dance workout offered by Kennedy Center. The workout is conducted on popular numbers and ranges from fast-paced Zumba, Barre3 to a slow and steady Yoga routine.


Foot thumping rhythms, crooning voices, soulful melodies – jazz is a music with a history as rich as its sound. Follow the great migration that leads African Americans to Harlem, meet jazz icons such as Bessie Smith and Charlie Parker, and stop by the Cotton Club and Apollo Theater on a journey through the past of this American art form.

History of music:

Follow the development and impact of classical music in the United States from its humble beginnings in the new colonies through its role in concert halls and Hollywood in the 20th century, to discover how this European tradition helped shape, and in turn was shaped by, American culture, composers and musicians.