DJ Skip's new EP is all about old melodies with a fresh vibe

Turntablist DJ Skip gets his hands on the stock of Hindusthan Records with Mr Babu Records and drops his new EP, East Ended Play

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  08th May 2020 12:17 PM   |   Published :   |  08th May 2020 12:17 PM


DJ Skip aka Skipster loves surprising his patrons. Last week, the Delhi-based turntablist collaborated with Mr Babu Records, Kolkata's newest homegrown independent record label, and dropped the title track of his new EP – East Ended Play. The artiste who is known for his innovative scratching techniques with diverse genres like trap, hip-hop and dubstep, took his followers by surprise with the EP that features old melodies in new avatar. Having performed in major music festivals in India, with more than 17 years in the industry, here DJ Skip talks about the exciting collaboration, giving his 100 per cent and more. Excerpts: 

How did you get on board the project?

I was in Kolkata for a few days some months back and my friend Nishit, who has actually played a major role in making this happen, told me about Hindusthan Records and their legacy. That got me curious to explore their rich repository and soon I met Riad Saha, CEO of one of the oldest vinyl record companies in the country. When I saw the archive my first question was, can I listen to these and sample them for some work? Riad was super supportive and boom, the project started.

The title track looks groovy with Raunak Chakraborty aka Cizzy's rap. Tell us about your collaboration with him and the making of the title track.  

Cizzy actually came in after the track was done. I composed the music and we were looking for voices that would go with the instrumental notes. We gave the piece to a few artistes but the moment Cizzy added his part, we were like this is it. The first draft itself was the final one. We might have made a few minor changes later. This collaboration was superb. Cizzy is dope.

How would you describe the song in terms of its music? 

It’s a sampled tune from an old movie and I gave it a bit of funk and swing with some new age bass. But the core still has the same vibe as original and I think that’s the beauty of the track. 

Tell us about the other tracks of the EP. 

So, we have got five tracks and out of that three are different versions of the title song. The idea behind this EP is actually how a vinyl single is pressed. We have two sides (now virtual) - Side A is Change Hobe Puro Scene and Side B is the off-beat instrumentals which have a little darker feel. 

A lot of people are averse to experimenting with anything that is nostalgic, and since the EP will have old songs, are you prepared for their reactions?

I believe in giving my 100 per cent. In my 17 years + of deejaying I have learned that you cannot make everyone happy in the room but if you make something from the heart then people who like it will have a real connection with your music and that would be for life.

What inspired you to become a turntablist and what keep you going?

I Love music. I know it’s a cliché but I really do. I love playing for people and love surprising them with unexpected tracks. That gives me a high which I cannot get from anything else.